Saturday, March 31, 2012

Craigslist Pet scams

Craigslist has become a haven for all sorts of scammers but particularly scummy are those involved in pet scams. Beware of any ads that say "will take care of your unwanted pets"...."will take all unwanted pets." There are scammers who are especially interested in those advertising FREE animals. Even if they are free, never put this in your ad. You think your pet is going to a good home and in these hard economic times a lot of people are having to give up their animals. Beware that research labs respond to these ads and although they won't tell you they will put your animals in labs, that's where they will go to suffer long agonizing deaths. The other scammers who respond to free pet ads are re-sellers. I know of one particularly low down Chinese lady in the Las Olas area named Denise Yan who does does this. She keeps dogs of all sizes and tempraments together in a house that she owns but nobody ever lives there. Dogs are there with all the free furniture she finds in alleys or scrounges from Craiglist ads. The last group of idiots who respond to free pet ads are those who get them for the purpose of fighting or baiting them. We have a lot of sick people in this world.

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