Sunday, March 18, 2012

Florida's dangerous elderly drivers

Church parisioners outside St. Ambrose Catholic Church on Sunday morning, found their after church social gathering turned into tragedy .
Scarlet Useche and Joan Maiorisi turned around in response to the loud bang and screaming to see a white Buick Century that was driven by another of south Florida's deadly elderly drivers backing up over a female parishioner. The elderly paritioner was run over on the grass, and dragged across the lawn.
The victim, Sixty-six year old Luciana Porto, was rushed to North Broward Medical Center after the 10 a.m. accident. She was pronounced dead at the hospital. This incident happened as one church service ended and people were arriving for the following service.

The elderly driver of the Buick was fellow church goer Mary Sczepanski, 88, of Lighthouse Pointe.

Witnesses say that Sczepanski threw her vehicle in reverse very quickly. She was said to be driving very fast, when she ran over the victim. To stop the vehicle, a man ran up to her, opened the door and applied the brake. DIV>

As of Sunday evening, the Broward Sheriff's Office said that no charges have been filed. Those of us who are contributors here on the Bogus Barrister question why law enforcement isn't doing much to curb the serious problem of these deadly elderly drivers. We hear about this going on every day. You do not have be be a resident of Florida to know about this problem. The dangerous elderly drivers of Florida are known in all areas of the country. Clearly, chrages should be filed and their licenses revoked. We cannot simply leave these people blameless for their actions based upon their age. If they are too impaired to drive, then they shouldn't be driving.

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