Sunday, March 18, 2012


You guys have been talking about this scammer on your blog
I have been writing to this person. She thinks I am going to send her all of my money so she can come over to my country

--- On Sun, 3/18/12, Katya <> wrote:

From: Katya <>
Date: Sunday, March 18, 2012, 2:02 AM

Hello (What is your name?)Its me Katya!
I hope you will like my e-mail and photos!
I really like you and I think its
very important to know how a person looks like whom you are writing!
Please Tell to me about itself:
What town do you live in??
What do you like in the girl?
You are married or not
than like to be engaged at leisure?
You have a girl-friend??

about me;  my full name in Ekaterina Tchudnova
I`m 27 years old, M I'm 175 cm tall (5.2.) and 53 kg weight.
As  I  wrote  you  I  live  in  Russia,  a name of my city Aleisk it is situated in Altai region.
I single. Not married, I have no children
II don't have a boyfriend so I'm free for new adventures!!!
I've never tried to find someone in Internet but soon I will come to your country to work there,
so I will have a work visa and a permission to work.
I think my level of English is quite good, but although it's very simple.
I can't read philosophy books in English or business books))) Anyway
I want to improve my English while staying over there. I write and speak English.
My spoken English is good too.
The life is different in every country and I think it's hard to live there when you don't know anybody.
I think I can change my life and see many wonderful things and just different life.
I am full of plans and different dreams.
I'm open to everything! I don't want to be an abuse for you, if you will not want me as your woman,
we can be just friends!
If you don't like me I will continue my search. I hope so much to receive your answer!!!
I hope we can have a nice communication by e-mails so I will know somebody is waiting for me over there!

This is one of four letters I got from this scammer. It looks like this is several people involved in this scam. This one shows that the scammer logged into their email address from which is Mission Texas. The others were from New York and another from Indiana.

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