Tuesday, March 13, 2012

PublishAmerica Cancels Contract...for Free!

While surfing my favorite brain-rotting anti-social network, Facebook, I came across this little gem:

(Name removed) Profile · PublishAmerica's Profile · P.m.'s Wall
(Name removed) PublishAmericaPublish america cancelled for no reason...this is not right! They did this for no book contract for my book" INCUBUS OF INQUITY" WAS CANCELED BY PUBLISH AMERICA FOR NO REASON...
THIS is unfair....they did this to me after i purchased books and ads because i called and left a message to call me about a problem ...i am upset and telling all the authors to help me .....this was wrong for them to do for no phone line and support form , i never got a return phone call or boois on LikeUnlike · · 33 minutes ago · Write a comment.....

By the way, PublishAmerica was very quick to delete it. As I write this, it was only posted 34 minutes ago and it is already gone from their wall. That's okay. You still find it on the author's wall. It seems that PublishAmerica's abusiveness now outweights their need to wring every cent from your pocket that they can. Unless, of course they plan to sue her for the $99 contract cancellation fee.

They got their money. Remember people: if you order copies of your book from PA, they will just cancel your contract.


  1. submit a 4268 form to IRS stating in detail any quantity of books that Publish America may have gotten payments for online or direct that they are not crediting to you in their royalties. The IRS has PublishAmerica in their sights.

  2. The IRS has everybody in their sights. I'm not sure what this post has to due with tax matters but the 4268 is a publication not a form and that publication is a tax guide that applies only to Indian tribal governments.

  3. Publication 4268. LOL

  4. It's lot's of authors that wish's that would happen to them !

  5. She should contact Jan at or Paula and be happy !!

  6. yeah and this one complains about it LOL

  7. Well both Jan and Paula have lost crediblity. Jan has been sending out misinformation that Senator Colburn of OK wants to hear from PA authors for an official investigation by the state department. The senator's office says this information is not true. Paula has that misinformation still on her blog and this is after both Jan and Paula were C and D'd by Victor Cretella


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