Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Ricardo Sergio Freire de Barros used ID with Jack Nicholson's picture  today  Man Arrested Using Fake ID With Jack Nicholsons PhotoThis guy took a page from Nigerian scammers who have been known to steal photos from the Internet and lamiate them on fake ID's, passports and other fraudulent documents that are sent out to potential targets to gain their trust.
41-year-old Ricardo Sergio Freire de Barros of Brazil put his fogery skills to the test when he attempted to open a bank account using an ID with Jack Nicholson's photo on it. This was a major phail for Richardo who did not give an award winning impersonation of the  74-year-old three-time academy award-wining actor.
If you're going to make a bogus ID, why would you put one of the most famous faces in the world on it?  According to CNN, Brazilian police were watching Barros for three months, who was under suspicion of fraudulent activity. Barros was reportedly opening bank accounts and obtaining high credit limit charge cards which he would not pay off.
Mr. Barros thought his deed was foolproof. Instead of signing Nicholson's name on the fake ID, he saigned it as Joao Pedro dos Santos instead.
Barros was arrested outside of the bank,  today  Man Arrested Using Fake ID With Jack Nicholsons Photo
When the police apprehnded him outside the bank, he was in possession of 36 checkbooks, five other fake IDs,  four credit cards and other forged documents.
Police chief Erivaldo Guerra reported that Barros denied all of these charges.

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