Wednesday, March 28, 2012

US customs and border protection scam



Sent:Tuesday, March 27, 2012 9:12 AM
Subject: Urgent attention from US customs and border protection

Attn: sir/madam,

We the US customs and border protection, attached to World Bank
group, and federal bureau of investigation FBI brings to your
urgent notice. LDS Express Delivery company diplomat Eric M. Watkins,
have arrived to hand over your consignment value total sum of
(USD$850, 000. 00) (Eight Hundred and Fifty Thousand United State Dollars,
to you, but unfortunately she can not get to your designated address, we
minimize the excesses of crime, most importantly, monetary movement from
African and united kingdom to the united states of America.

This is to notify you that we have giving you (72-hours) working days
extension to provide the request document for proper verification of your
consignment. We work in affiliation with FBI and carries out the require
duty as mandated by FBI Washington DC, we need the below stated document
(official security charges document) before the diplomat will depart to
hand over your consignment to you.

The request official security charges document will cost you only just
$40 USD for securing of the official security charges document failure to
that,we shall consider this money as an act of terrorism, money laundering
and drug trafficking. Our security men will then head to your destination to
apprehend you
and bring you in for further interrogation. Contact LDS
Express Delivery company for obtaining of the request document
(official security charges document via

LDS Express Delivery company director: Hon. Daniels Rice
Telephone number (+229-98-651-574)

For proper briefing and obtaining of the official security charges document
from the minister of justice, package origination country republic du Benin;
the official security charges document will cost you only $40 USD which you
are to send it through western union or money gram immediately with the giving
information below to Mr. Nze Chinaka,

!!!Payment information!!!

Receivers name: Nze Chinaka
Country: Republic Du Benin
Location: Cotonou
Test question: 1
Answer: 2
Amount: $40 only

We therefore request from you with an immediate effect to provide to us
your consignment official security charges document, for clearance and
immediate release of your consignment box to LDS Express Delivery company
diplomat,Eric M. Watkins, for the final delivery of your consignment
to your provided house address as scheduled.

Furthermore, we need more clarifications from you based on the requirement
from the key LDS Express Delivery company. This is to satisfy our
organization US custom and border protection; that such huge amount of money
is free from terrorist attack, drug abuse and money laundry against act
11th sept,2001 terrorism attacked, which USA can not forget the great lost,
we need 100% guarantee before your consignment will be delivered to your
designated address.

Endorsed by
Sec. Douglas Givens
Secretary of the department of homeland security

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