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Another animal abuser posting ads on Craigslist

A low down, dirty Shane.

Last week, the Bogus Barrister posted an article warning people about the danger that lurks on Craigslist's pet section. That article was re-posted by animal loving Craiglist users around the country and we thank all of you for spreading the word about Jeffrey Nally who was convicted of torturing and murdering dogs and puppies he acquired in "free to good home" ads. He was even posting "wanted" ads to get his psychotic hands on these dogs.

The Bogus Barrister is always responding to CL ads, to see what's going on over there and we have uncovered another disturbing one.

Meet Danielle Nicole Ritter age 23. We did or should I say we were lead to think that we did. Yes kiddies. This is one of the stranger stories that you will read here on the Bogus Barrister. It's about as ghoulish as they come. "Danielle Ritter" wrote us from the address of

This is the dog at issue, a 10 pound Jack Russell terrier named "Ian." Adorable little guy, isn't he? Who wouldn't love a dog like this.

Danielle hails from Reno Nevada where she was married, and divorced from Shane Ritter. You can see the court docket here. Shane runs a few Facebook pages, like this one for the "Truckee River Fisherman." and "Americans for a better America." Facebook page.

About making america "a better country for all its citizens" (if you can believe that one!)

to make america a more grand home

(oh really? how by offering pet dogs and ex wives up as snake food? No, the land of the free has already been ruined by enough nut jobs. But I digress...)

this page is dedicated to further ideas that make sense, that will help all americans prosper, that will increase america strength both economically and socially. Basic Info
.Joined Facebook 06/29/2011

Contact Info
.Phone 1 775.378.3833

Shane is also on Myspace and wrote this rather creepy prose in which he names Danielle, how much she hurt him and writes about killing an old man at a gas station because the man won't give him enough free gas to get himself back to Reno Nevada. He surely has a way with words.

In case it gets removed after this is published, here is the text of that entry:

Oct 26, 2009
One day i'll feel the life : chapter one (Open your eyes)
Current mood:betrayed

Chapter one : Evil arrives

The pain seared through him, consuming his body, like the flames of a raging fire. Tears welled in his eyes, as he blankly stared at the icy depths in front of him. Shane’s mind raced, his heart fanning the flames. His soul had been blackened, scorched, and was now rotting him from the inside. The world around him was entirely surreal. Nothing seemed to truly exist. All that seemed to be happening was the immense pain inside. He placed his foot into the icy mountain river. Before him lay a cold secluded river. It was special to him though, his childhood had been spent here. It was early spring, and the river ran fast and very cold. He slowly walked into the deep, slow hole that lay before his empty eyes.
The cold made no impression on him. His mind was spinning, with sorrow, then with remorse, then with spited anger. The anger came roaring in. how could she do this? His heart screamed, how dare she. His hands shook violently, as his body grew colder from the icy waters. He knew what he needed to do. His soul burned so horribly, he wanted her to feel his misery. Shane loved her some much, to much, he couldn’t live without her. She told he that he would be fine, but she didn’t understand what he meant to her. He never wanted to be happy. Shane now stood waist deep, bringing his hand over the water, which contained four crystals. He wasn’t quite sure what he was doing, but something told him this would help, that his would make things all better. A little voice somewhere deep in his head whispered out to him, calling him to come here. He dropped a crystal in each direction, starting to his north and finishing in his west. He reached into his pocket, pulling out a long, plain steel knife. He finally noticed how cold he was. The cold seared into body, sending waves of pain through him. Shane looked up into the sky, there hanging above him, like an ornament of nature, the moon shimmered down in the days fading twilight. He glanced around and like never before noticed the detail of the world. The many differing shades of color, the crisp lines and soft shapes of nature. For a brief second he wasn’t angry, he was lost in peace. Then the fire swelled up in him again, fuel his hatred of his lost love once again. The bitterness of rotting love had finally eaten his soul away, leaving a blackened mass of death within Shane. He brought the cold metal to his wrist, and with only slight hesitation raced the blade down his arm, his heart ached even worse, knowing that this was what Danielle had brought him to, a suicidal wreck. As he spilt the blood from his other arm, he watched the river brighten red. He gazed into the murkiness of the river his heart stained,. His vision blurred, as watched shapes form and swirl away. From the depths of the water, he watched his blood slowly blacken. Death lurked right there, he watched it creep up, he felt the anger well up, and explode within, he didn’t fear death, he wanted it. He cheered for it. Hi knees buckled, forcing him face first into the blackness. Shane felt warm now, the stinging pain of life drifting away. His anger grew though, and he felt something within stir him to violent rage. He felt the prodding force in him push him to want more than death, to want vengeance. It spoke to Shane, telling him to get up, to go forth and spread his misery to others. Yes! Shane thought, I shall, I shall bring misery to all those who slighted me. The fire burned deeper, endlessly. Evil slowly seeped into his rotted soul, warping his mind. The voice grew louder, clearer. It now spoke to him directly “ we shall rise together, and spread your misery upon humanity” and with that the calm, dark emptiness which had rolled over his consciousness began to sharpen. He knew what he must do, and with a purpose he began to rise back, back to the world which he departed. Right before his eyes, death consumed him, but did not drag him down. No death became a part of him, filtering into his empty body. Shane’s eyes burst open, greeted by cold water and the darkness of night. The world blurred around him, his head spinning violently. He knew something was wrong, that he should not be peering out into the water, that his life should be over. He pushed off the bottom of the river, bursting through the surface into the chilly march air. Shane stood in the river, watching the world around him. Everything seemed to be in slow motion. The birds that flew by seemed to dance fancifully by, as if they had no cares or worries. The clouds rolled and splashed through the sky, like waves crashing in the heavens. As Shane’s mind cleared, he realized a few things: one being he should be dead! He glanced at his wrists, long gnashes ran down his arms, but no blood spilled out. Somehow he was alive, or at least he felt alive. Maybe this was death….he wasn’t quite sure. He struggled up the bank of the river, the cold march air biting at his flesh. He felt so wretchedly cold, it sank so deep within him. As he stumbled along, making way toward his truck, his heart burned, but not with any normal pain. It singed, and burned with blackness. Rage was sent through his body, a furry like nothing he had ever experienced. He wanted to scream, to burst his lungs letting his anger out. His mind still raced as he opened the door to his truck. Then, as if something clicked, everything fell into his place, and his thoughts came to a stand still. He must make the world pay. Somehow, he would make everyone pay, especially her. YES! Especially her. He knew, he now understand what must be done….

Night still arrived quickly. It was early spring, but winter held its nasty grasp, clutching on with all its might. The gas station clerk sat in his chair, watching the evening news. Out of the corner of his eye, he saw a small gray Chevy pull up to the pump. A shiver ran down his spine. He quickly glanced out the window, where a young man stood. It startled him, nearly knocking out of his chair. As the man entered, the clerk composed himself, still feeling quite uneasy about the situation. He starred deeply at the young man, transfixed, but what he didn’t know. He spoke, uneasy of what may happen “ may I help you son?”
“yes…I need gas.. But I don’t have much money…I’m cold to…” the man spoke softly.
By his tone, the clerk felt more assured. He continued to asses the boy, noticing his skin was quite pale, and there appeared to be large marks on his wrists. “ well son, how much you got? I mean I aint running a charity. But I may be able to help you.”
“ I have nothing. I fell into the river a few miles up. My wallet is gone.” he hissed out.
Slightly more irritated now, seeing as this guy expected free gas “ Well boy, I cant help you then. I aint gonna make no dam living if I give everyone free gas. Sorry. I can let you use the phone if ya need to.” not knowing if this guy had any weapons, the clerk new he better be ready to grab the colt lying on the shelf behind the counter. He watched the boy intently, still perplexed by him. Something was wrong with him. He seemed so gaunt. So quite. Something was missing, something that troubled the man at his core.
“ listen…. I need your help. But if you wont help me, maybe then, well, maybe I’ll kill you.” something about that was amusing to the boy, laughing as he finished his statement. The clerk however found it of no amusement. He dealt with his fair share of crazies and wasn’t putting up with anything. He slid his hand toward his .38 and spoke firmly “listen boy, its getting late. I don’t have time for no fucking bullshit. No you best head on outa hear, and ill let you be on your way.” the clerk glanced hard at the young man, hoping he would get the hint and scram. The boys eyes where filled with anger, menacingly staring back at the clerk. He grew uneasy, unsure of what might happen. Thoughts raced through his head, why did this have to be happening, he wanted no trouble, all he wanted was for work to end and go home to his wife. Sweat begin to bead on his forehead, his anxiety rising. The lights began to flicker, making this whole situation seem so unreal.
“ listen old man, I need some dam gas. I have fucking shit to get done, I don’t have time for bullshit!” the young man yelled, his tone fierce and filled with anger.
The clerk drew the pistol, leveling it with the young man. His adrenaline surged, his handed quivering as he held the pistol the boys face. What the hell was happening. Something was truly wrong here. He had run punks and drunks out before, but something was different with this guy. Something in his eyes, told the clerk this was for real. “LEAVE NOW! IM CALLING THE FUCKING COPS!” shouted the clerk, in his most stern tone. They eyes of the young man sharpened, showing pure malevolence. “ fine.” he whispered, as if everything had been for show. The clerk breathed heavily, the hairs on his neck standing on end. Suddenly the boy flung his arm forward. The clerks mind raced, he’s drawing a gun it screamed! He pulled the trigger, firing directly at he man. But before he was able to blink, something long and black hand wrapped around his gun. Long black tentacles slithered up his arm, wrapping around his shoulder. The clerk had no idea what was going, he had fired his weapon, that’s all he knew. He stared straight at the man, who’s arm hard transformed into a long, black tentacle of sorts. This is impossible, what on earth is happening…

Shane’s anger had boiled over. He didn’t have time for bullshit. He needed to get back to Reno and now. Something in him had whispered, kill the fucking bastard. he whispered to himself, “fine”, unconsciously realizing what he was about to do, he raised his arm and felt a rush through his entire body. He went numb, watching what happened from afar. Out of his fingers long black tentacles shot forth, wrapping around the gun the clerk held. Burning pain shot through his arm, but the voice in his head told him it was nothing. Shane seethed as he felt power he had never felt before. It felt so good, so natural. He watched the tentacles, long, thing solid black tentacles creep up the man’s arm. The voice whispered to him again, ‘do it’. some how Shane knew exactly what the voice meant. Suddenly he could feel the tentacles, he would feel the man’s warm flesh, his fear. The poor fool was terrified, and it felt so good, intoxicating. Then without thought, Shane pressed his protuberances forward, straight into the mans’ eyes, down his thought into his heart. Shane could feel the panic, the wretched fear from the poor soul. Blood seeped from the clerks eyes, Shane felt his heart, wrapped his claws around and crushed it.

As if a dream had finished, reality snapped back. The feeling and sensation was brought back to Shane’s cold body. There in front of him lay a crumpled old man, eye sockets empty, bleeding onto the gas station floor. Something told Shane he should be sick, that he should be horrified, to run screaming. But something calmed and soothed him. This bastard had deserved to die, it said. He ran to the bathroom, turned the hot water on, splashing it onto his face. He needed to feel something, but he didn’t. things had changed, he thought to himself. Something was very wrong, but what was worse, was he had enjoyed it. He grinned to himself in the bathroom mirror. He muttered a phrase, “In the barren womb mirror, I shall set crucified fires to petrified homes..”

Night had blown in from the west, and shall not set…."

This is a picture Shane uploaded to Myspace in his photo album "my house." You can see little Ian standing there and so he does have a connection to the dog which is the focus of this report.

It looks like Danielle left Reno after their divorce, and has done quite a bit of moving around. She ran through Eagle River, Alaska and so records show that she is still there. However, the Danielle Ritter who corosponded with our sockpuppet, purports to be in the Sunshine State, specifically in the south Miami area.We knew from the headers of the emails, this was a lie.

From: Danielle Ritter
Sent: Wednesday, April 11, 2012 2:49 PM
Subject: Re: Free snake food

I live of sw 134th ct

On April 4th, an ad was posted a Craigslist ad in the Miami pets section using the name of Shane, her ex husband. This is the full text of the ad, which has now been deleted.

are you broke and need some snake food? (miami)

hi im shane, and im looking for someone who owns a large pet snake of some sort, and is really broke right now, and wold love some free snake food! :)

•Location: miami
•it's NOT ok to contact this poster with services or other commercial interests
PostingID: 2947641545

By this point, you are probably putting this together and realizing that the free snake food she is offering to a large snake owner is the 10 pound Jack Russell terrier named Ian.

Now we must warn those of you with a weak stomach not to read any further. We have several email exchanges with this person.

The Bogus Barrister was tipped off and we responded to this ad with one of our sockpuppet email accounts and of course, an alias.

"Hey there...i saw your ad on broke lol and i really could use some food for my snake to help out. Whatcha got? Thanks"

From: Danielle Ritter
To: address redacted
Sent: Monday, April 9, 2012 9:26 AM
Subject: Re: Free snake food

hey. well maybe i can help. how large is your pet snake? does he/she have a name?

Well let's just say none of us on the Barrister are too fond of snakes. But we come up with the name of Oscar and decided that since this person was looking for a big snake, we had a 9 foot boa.

But before we can respond, she sends us another email

From: Danielle Ritter
To: address redacted
Sent: Monday, April 9, 2012 10:32 AM
Subject: Re: Free snake food

How big is he? What does he currently eat?

She is really interested in the size of this snake and it piqued our curiosity because if the size mattered, we knew she had something of a decent size to offer as food but I think all of us were floored when she told us what it was.

We replied:

On Mon, Apr 9, 2012 6:53 AM PDT (name redacted) wrote:

Hey Danielle. i have a boa named Oscar. "

So as our story progressed, she thinks that this person has a 9 foot boa constrictor named Oscar that he keeps under lock and key because it's so big and so dangerous...hey it could happen in Florida. Anything goes there.

She replies:

From: Danielle Ritter
Sent: Monday, April 9, 2012 11:25 AM
Subject: Re: Free snake food

I hav a fantasy I've always wanted to see happen. I have a small jack russell

As an animal lover, I was sickened. Over the next few days, Danielle sent several disgusting emails detailing this "dark fantasy" of hers.

From: Danielle Ritter
Sent: Monday, April 9, 2012 11:58 AM
Subject: Re: Free snake food

Would u have a problem doing this? Txt me 775 378 3833

That phone number is the same one that Shane Ritter published on his Facebook pages that we listed above and that is how we were able to find him and piece this story together.

Not only does "Danielle" want this snake owner to feed this poor little dog to our Oscar, but she also wanted the snake owner to film a gruesome video for her- with her video camera.

On Tue, Apr 10, 2012 12:37 PM PDT Danielle Ritter wrote: > >I want u to txt me { at 775 378 3833} one day, and say oscars hungry. Leave the food inside. Illbleave ian inside that day, and ull swing by and grab him and my video camera. U take him home and out him in with oscar and set the cam up. Then after a few weeks, ull bring what's left of ian and my cam and drop it off at my house, with a note sayin "I brought ian home"

"From: Danielle Ritter will you say something kinda cruel in the video, right after you put ian in?"
We contacted Shane Ritter by way of his Truckee River Fisherman LLC facebook page and our sockpuppet asked if this number 775 378 3833 was his and still in service.

He answered "yes its my personal number. what kinda lures? :)" We were blown away because firstly, we couldn't find a listing for Danielle in Miami who told us that she had been there since September.

Let it be also known that these emails did not originate from any Florida IP address. These were all sent from IP, which traces to Reno Nevada. Even if the provider Leap Wireless Intl, Inc. Dba Cricke is in Reno, the headers would show that these emails were routed through a network that would include the east coast and they do not. The headers show that these emails were sent by a user who was physically in Nevada at the time. So, "Danielle couldn't possibly be in Reno and South Florida at the same time.

Here is something interesting we noted, which seems to have gone undetected by the people over at the Truckee River Fisherman's facebook page.

Truckee River Fisherman
April 8. {2012}

i caught this big beautiful brown yesterday, fishing the East walker river, on our weekend camping trip!! he was 3lbs 15oz! had a beautiful hook jaw

Ok, obviously the day before April 8, 2012 would have been April 7, 2012, but look at the picture Shane posted of himself along with the comment. Sure, that's him on a camping trip alright.But it certainly wasn't the day before:

Take a good look at that date stamp in the corner. It says February 11, 2012. It sure looks like somebody is trying hard to look like they are somewhere else.

From: Danielle Ritter
Sent: Wednesday, April 11, 2012 10:54 AM
Subject: Re: Free snake food

I got here last sept so not a full summer.

From: Danielle Ritter
Sent: Monday, April 9, 2012 10:02 PM
Subject: Re: Free snake food

will oscar gobble him up? and my little boy be in your big boys tummy?

This exchange just got more bizarre by the moment. After a short discussion about her appearance, "Danielle" sent three photographs.

From: Danielle Ritter
Sent: Wednesday, April 11, 2012 11:32 AM
Subject: Re: Free snake food

I'm 23. So 27 isn't bad. I'm 5'6, but I weigh 150. To much! Do you want a pic? And tell me, what if I wanted oscar to eat me, in my bikini?

This is a picture that we found on Shane's Myspace page. We thought this was Danielle but we we certain of it after being sent the previous photos. Notice in the photo of Danielle laying down, the men's sunglasses on the bed next to her. Yep. Those belong to Shane.

This purports to be Shane and Danielle in their happier days.

On Wed, Apr 11, 2012 8:38 AM PDT (our sockpuppet) wrote:

sure.. id like a pic...but im tellin you girl u aint fat...Im 6'1 about 190 pounds..why would ya want a snake to eat you?...

From: Danielle Ritter
Sent: Wednesday, April 11, 2012 11:42 AM
Subject: Re: Free snake food

Its a fantasy of mine. Would u let me?

To: Danielle Ritter
Sent: Wednesday, April 11, 2012 8:45 AM
Subject: Re: Free snake food

ur fantasy is to die? ...

From: Danielle Ritter
Sent: Wednesday, April 11, 2012 11:50 AM
Subject: Re: Free snake food

my fantasy is to be eaten alive :)

From: Danielle Ritter
Sent: Wednesday, April 11, 2012 1:32 PM
Subject: Re: Free snake food

do you think id survive long enough to enter his stomach? do you have any more pics of him? ive had ian for 3 years. i got him from a friend who had to move to an apartment and couldnt keep him. hes a wonderful cuddler

So you see kiddies, little Ian was one of those free to good home dogs. This is prime example why you should never advertise them as free even if they are. Gee, I wonder how this friend will feel after they read this post and find out how much danger this poor dog is in.

From: Danielle Ritter
Sent: Wednesday, April 11, 2012 2:36 PM
Subject: Re: Free snake food

Honestly i think it'd be interesting if he ate me. Maybe I could have a lil air tube or something. I bet it'd be painful. Do you want me to feed Ian some extra food for a week or 2? I can give him stuff like more wet food and eggs

Shane Ritter is an owner of Truckee River Fisherman LLLC. He has several Facebook profiles including this one as "Shane R. Ritter" with a picture of Danielle here. he describes himself as an Atheist.

During this investigation, we discovered just how difficult it is to get any assistance from these so called Animal Rescue organizations. That will be the subject of an upcoming article.

This matter has been turned over to authorities. Let them figure out who did what.

If Danielle did write this then she is clearly suicidal and needs help. She should also be charged with animal abuse. If Shane wrote this pretending to be his ex wife then he could be facing some serious charges here.

It appears from these derranged emails that he could be searching for a nut on the internet to perhaps kill his ex wife. We are by no means accusing him of this but offering opinion based upon the context of these emails. Either way, we hope that little Ian finds the loving, safe home that he deserves.

We will keep you updated on any new developments.

If you have any information about this story or any crime tips, you can contact us at All reports are confidential.

Conclusion: This afternoon, Shane responded to our email in which he was called out.

To: Danielle Ritter
Sent: Thursday, April 12, 2012 7:19 PM
Subject: Re: Free snake food

hey SHANE, why don't you come clean with me bullshit this time.. why would you want to send out these emails in the name of your ex wife?...

His response:

From: Danielle Ritter
Sent: Friday, April 13, 2012 2:50 PM
Subject: Re: Free snake food

its a weird fantasy i have

On Fri, Apr 13, 2012 12:36 PM PDT (redacted) wrote:

you're weird...SHANE

From: Danielle Ritter
Sent: Friday, April 13, 2012 3:38 PM
Subject: Re: Free snake food

I know. I hope you not offended

Offended? lol. what this guy engaged in meets the criteria of criminal harassment. I can see why Danielle split to Alaska.

For more coverage of this story, please check out our updates here at the post "Shane Ritter wants Us to Know." Written by contributor "Died Laughing."


  1. Did he really write that fluff? Well, if he's not careful, the police are going to send him somewhere where there will be plenty of large, strong men interested in his protuberance. Keep your nose clean, Mr. Ritter if you'd like to avoid such a fate. You may be guilty of stalking. You are definitely guilty of harassment and this is intent. The eyes are upon you, Mr. Ritter. Many smiling faces. We all want to know, why so serious?

  2. looks like ritter's facebook pages have been deleted. This is some snot nosed kid who doesn't get how the internet works and this could get very heavy in real life for him. The cops are taking craigslist loonies very seriously these days as well they should. I too found Shane's prose to be intriguing. Mister Giggles points to the usage of the word protuberance lol but I was drawn to this waxing poetic

    "Out of his fingers long black tentacles shot forth, wrapping around the gun the clerk held." Was this the wrath of Squidward or or the monster at Twenty-thousand Leagues?

    and this one " Shane’s anger had boiled over. He didn’t have time for bullshit." Shane not having time for bullshit? interesting considering he sure has the time to create it.

    "He dealt with his fair share of crazies and wasn’t putting up with anything."

    Now you're talking our language Shane. And you aren't dealing with a group of kids here. You aren't dealing with internet pranks. Being named on the Bogus Barrister is the real deal. hell, law enforcement from all over the country not to mention major media sources get their information from us.


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