Friday, April 6, 2012

craigslist perv alert

This is really suspicious. Who brings their kids along to meet a total stranger off of craigslist? This guy insists that he will not give our this train without a kid present. Afraid of a reseller? I doubt it. I would not bring my kids to meet any stranger off of CL especially not one that insists he meet your kids.

Train set (miami beach)

Free train set, works fine, my kids dont play with it anymore so why not make some other kids happy. It is totally free, so i want to make sure it goes to a family that really needs it. Kid must be present during pick up. Sorry but i dont want any1 to pick it up and sell it. Do not waist my time. I had 4 people that didnt show up.
Alessandro 305 744 2918 no calls, only text

  • Location: miami beach
  • it's NOT ok to contact this poster with services or other commercial interests


  1. Umm, 4 no shows? Gee I wonder why? Shit I wouldn't bring my kids to meet up with somebody I don't know and go over to this dude's house? Look at what he's offering here. 4 no shows? Something doesn't smell right.

  2. Hello. Thank you for posting this. yes I have just had an interesting exchange with this person. I was suspicuious so I googled the phone number and found your blog. Keep in mind this clown is demanding that in order to get what he's giving out, you have to bring your children. All this guy has done is insult me for responding. He called me dirty names. I told him to stop sending text messages to my phone. He thought that was funny. I have the whole exchange if you want to read it. Stay far away from this guy.

  3. This was my reply to this ad:

    "hello. Kids aren't the only ones who play with trains. I am a hobbyist and am always in need of track and cars. It'd take me an hour to get down there."

    his reply "sorry."

    I then asked him

    "why do you insist that strangers bring a child to meet you off of craigslsit?"

    He responded with

    "Listen, do not start with this shit. I have 2 kids and I wanna make sure that some kids that can not afford toys will be happy with this present, do not contact me again or u will be reported to police."

    Well, he would sure have a lot to explain to the cops as to why he is luring children on the internet with this bogus ad.

  4. I replied to him

    "A little offensive don't you think?"

    He replies

    "No just tired of ass like u"

    I replied "well it's creepy! what do you expect?"

    He replies "to help people with low income"

    Wait ya'll haven't heard anything yet. wait til you see his attitude towards people with low income.

    "I give away clothes and toys, gave a old computer, so spare me that."

    Now, I googled his phone number. You know CL is and how the internet is. Once you post your number on CL or your ads, it gets picked up by other websites and there are always bits of your ads that can found doing a search. There is absolutely no internet record of this guy posting anything on CL besides these ads he has been running for this train set for the past 3 weeks.

    I write back "Im poor too and so r my kids but I would never bring them to a strangers house on CL."

    He writes "well..sorry...ain't asking u to leave the kids..but there r people that get the stuff and just sell it. If a kids is happy with the toy and the parent take it away..welll..not my problem..but its call please have some dignity and stop begging."

    My response "Im not asking you for anything. I guess the other 4 were to smart to bring their kids either."

    He writes back "Oh..n u need any clothes? I don't need to see your kids."

    He was now trying to save face but watch how he responds. He didn't have any clothes to give anybody.

    I reply "no thank you. I can find that stuff locally. Have a nice day."

    He responds " u r the classic parent that instead of working u get stuff from everywhere."

    Now is this idiot really somebody that you want around your kids? Yeah, he's giving away stuff to help low income people because he cares so much.

    I call bullshit.

    I ask him to stop sending nasty messages to my phone.

    "Stop bothering me. Any further messages and I am calling the police."

    He keeps up his assault.

    "hahaha...loser....have a good life."

    My God. One can only imagine what would happen to a poor family that showed up at this guy's house.

  5. no shit. dude's got serious issues here. that train in the picture isn't a model that you'd even give to a kid. The post says it's HO scale but it looks smaller to me. Either way this is not a toy like dude claims. He's just looking to get close to kids and I agree with the others who point out that he doesn't have the attitude of somebody who cares about poor people. He even goes so far as to blame the parents accusing them of not working or otherwise being lazy. This dude is too judgemental to be doing this out of the kindness of his heart.

  6. btw when I went over to look at his ad, it says removed by author. Somebody else also saw this ad and thought it was creepy too


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