Thursday, April 5, 2012

Nigerian 419 scam targets the paranormal researchers

subject: work for pay ghosthunters anomalous sudden by week end scheduled
Dear Ghost Hunters,

I hope this is appropriate to post. There is overlode for any Police Station globally of the anomalies anticipated by astronomical calculations from math labs, well reported and needing reports made that explain the details of the anomaly sighting or experience. They are under ufology category inluding ghosthunting angelology demonology and anomalies and have regular surveillance tape or details transferred directly from the police's desk to you, the investigator. All the cases from the expected overlode have to be assigned by the end of the week, are reportable to or refusable to the USAF gathering data, and are for those to investigate the acclimated by the acclimated or hardy for real work of:

Two funds are placed that were granted by two families for the pay, asked for at the Police Station desk of investigation or the alike law enforcement such as a sheriff office or military-styled law enforcement in some countries.
* fund_rover: pays casework averaged 4 hours lone or in groups USD$10 each; from a Teddy Roosevelt family member granting
* fund_raver: pays casework averaged under 10 years likely one, USD$10Million each; from a Howard Hughes family member granting

This type of overlode would normally go to NASA or Lockheed Company investigators who are very busy, also, so the casework is being requested from a public sector understanding of the actual cases.

Anomalies of this worklode include astronomical expectations such as 4th part wind split at normal waterways unchanged since evolved that have 3 parts snap to an incindiary of flint rubbed type recorded well plus anomalous visitors in or out of view. Examinations are unnecessary, reports are from the anomaly reported area and are allowed regular forms or reporting styles you the investigator would use. Most anomalies are benign and are explained into artbook texts as type of example of anomaly not actual sighting but of fractal math component of light wind situations visible near waterways or land masses unchanged as evolved. Other anomaly reports are able to be categorized as overlap to alone. I've investigated some myself that go along with the Fire Department and USAF or USMC worklode, or of Justice Department and level of free counseling to medical care or coverage such as in the State of California for emergencies or on occasional grants left there for some matters, such as after trauma. Some persons on ghosthunting tours, exampled, have experienced cardiac difficulties to full medical assistance mostly while breaking rules on the tour about how to photograph ghost anomalies regular to the sites. The counseling care at the Justice Department level as given here in a remorse situation is handled by doctors such as myself with USSF also usually reserved for Military not or Royalty scheduled through that department; for investigators or hosts of an anomaly. Some trauma is also occasional with experience of the technology already regular at law enforcement such as by all USMC Reconnaissance or into the USAF directories files or others sites like Lockheed libraries or NASA paramilitary homeland defenseland units normally on site soon for this type; most persons reporting in the casework aftermath express gratitude for the brief experience in the reality of it. Any search and rescue overlap goes over to law enforcement and Military again and can be reported also into ChildQuest with ready personnel such as 4 averaged seeking per day of overlap in any area where children might follow an anomaly or missing adult since childhood be spotted already during these overlodes. Most investigations however take only an hour for the short cases or when done by very experienced investigators that are fully equipped.

The amounts of anomalies averaged 80,000 most placed sites, most cases are at overlode of tens of thousands. I hope this is good and welcome work for your dedicated interest in the phenomenon of anticipated or actual anomalies.

Thank you, kindly, for considering this work opportunity now.

name redacted


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