Friday, April 13, 2012


Dear Beloved

Greetings and how are you today.First i would like to thank you for taking time to read this mail.I am Queen Morrison the only child of Mr Richard Morrison,I am 19 years old and incapable of handling anything on my own for mother died some few years back before my dads death .I am an orphan now looking for help from God.we are from Abidjan cote d' ivoire,I am staying with my uncles now. After my fathers death my uncle have been treating me bad because of my late father wealth which i refused to disclose to them.

Please i would like to request that you keep this very confidential because of my personal safety,my father's brothers are currently treating me badly and would do anything to harm me if they get to know about this deposit.But unfortunately,they do not know about this deposit.As it was made in my name.I would like to plead with you not to be biased towards helping me out.Life has not been the same ever since my father's death,the family has become very unfair and now treat me like a slave which my late father and mother never did.I would also like to let you know that am hoping this fund would not take much time before it is transferred as i cant wait to go back to school.

My father deposited the sum of 6.2million dollars in a bank before his death,so i am looking for someone that will be a God fearing person that will help me in this transfer.I hereby seek your assistance in the following ways:

1) To serve as my foreign investor/guardian for transfer to your account.
2) To make arrangement for me to come over to your country to further my education
3) To help me invest the money in a profitable venture in your
country. We shall discuss your percentage later if you are interested.

I want this money transferred to you for safe keeping after the money has been transferred then i will start making arrangement of coming to your country to start school.

Waiting to hear from you soon.


Queen Morrison

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