Tuesday, April 10, 2012

PublishAmerica: we have a new gimmick to take your money!

PublishAmerica has started sending out dear author letters en mass again. I don't know what these people are smoking , but I wish I had some!

dear author,

Reserve your book's banner space today so you're in time for our next authors convention in Orlando, May 1 (see, and the subsequent mass group book signing in the Florida Mall. With those vibrant colors, they draw immediate attention. Be quick: we have only a limited number of spots available!

Even if you can't join us for every convention,

your book can. Larger than life!

Hurry: we
must have these banners designed and manufactured before we descend on Orlando a little over three weeks from now! After each event we will be sharing photos or videos where you will be able to see just how prominently your book was displayed.

Secure the whole big 83" x 32" banner for your book alone! Go for $699, and the whole banner will be dedicated to your book only. It will be displayed at all PublishAmerica authors conventions and group book signings this year!

If you want half a 83" x 32" banner dedicated to your book, shared with only one other book, go for $399. It will be displayed at all PublishAmerica authors conventions and group book signings this year!

Must choose a shipping option to activate. No use of coupons is allowed.

Your book banner promoted all over the country!

Look at the picture below.Taken just before the North Carolina authors convention began last month. Everone who came through that door saw those books! Couldn't miss them. And everyone who attends our future conventions this year will see them too **.

EXTRA: each time we include a mass book signing in a shopping center, these 83 x 32 banners go there also.For maximum exposure, to catch the attention of thousands of shoppers!

Check put their latest video of "open mic" at PA.


  1. The "Great American dream" isn't about being published with PA or any other. It's about living comfortably. Having a house, good friends and food on the table. You will never make enough to even pay your power bill if you sign with PA.

  2. saw this on facebook. yeah this should show everybody what swindlers they are, media banner of this size run $1,078.00. But anything that pertains to promotion of a company, which these are, they are considered a business ex[ense and it is all a tax right off.,, sure, mugs,pens and all of that with the company name are alll business expenses. Here we have this company charging their authors to have their book printed on their promotional items.

  3. I would guess that "some people" will be paying for all this BS!!


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