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Send the filled application letter of claim to the bank and notify me, so that I can follow up the procedure.

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Subject: RE Send the filled application letter of claim to the bank and notify me, so that I can follow up the procedure.
Date: Saturday, April 14, 2012, 3:37 AM

Dear Bogusbarrister,

In regards to our telephone conversation few minutes ago. I am working with the Banque Commerciale Du Burkina (BCB), Ouagadougou-Burkina Faso and this is the bank website: Now, what I want you to do is to apply to the bank as the next of kin and the sole beneficiary to the deceased customer, and then this fund will be transferred into your nominated bank account as it will be stated in the Application Letter of Claim. But actually what we are doing is a deal as to share this money between us instead of letting it drop into the bank treasury as an unclaimed bills. I assure you that all loophole, hindrance and security measures are covered and obstacles removed. This business transaction will never endanger any of us on both sides and it is 100% free from any risk or whatsoever.

View the attach file, print out the Application Letter of Claim, fill it properly, sign and scan it and then submit it to the bank for processing through the bank e-mail address as indicated in the Application Letter of Claim. Success is guaranteed as long as you abide to my instructions and directives. As an insider here in the bank I shall be passing all the necessary information required to you accordingly for the success of this very deal. I have done all the underground work for the success of this transaction before contacting you. As it may interest you to know that the late depositor is a foreigner and his Name is Mr. AYATOLLAH MUHAMMAD BAKR AL-HAKIM, he is from IRAQ. For this reason, a foreigner is needed to stand as the next of kin to the deceased customer before the bank could approve the release of the said fund. This is why I contacted you. All the efforts made by the bank and their embassy to locate his Next of Kin or family members proved abortive; thus I decided to contact you.
You must assure me of your complete sincerity and readiness in this transaction as I stand firm to tell you that this project is as good as accomplished provided you shall abide by its modalities. Bear in mind that the bank must not know that I am the one who contacted you to stand for this claim please; you must protect my interest all through, while I shall stand to back you up for any question the bank might ask you concerning the deceased customer. I wish to let you understand that you must not in any way discuss or disclose this very transaction with any third party and you must not respond to any mail without my prior concept and instruction, whether to the bank or to anyone without letting me know, even if you receives any other proposal of this nature, do forward it to me, because the bank investigating and monitoring unit may need to verify if you are the real next of kin to the deceased customer by contacting you through different means, maybe by sending you proposal of different types, with different bank names, different amount of money, huge and small amount, different country names and lots more, but that will be after you must have submitted your application form by asking the bank investigating unit to verify and ascertain the legitimacy of your claim.
As you can see if the bank finds anything on the contrary that will jeopardize our chances of having this funds claimed and transferred to your nominated bank account overseas. In a nutshell do not respond to any other related message until we are through with this. Please. It may interest you to understand that my reason of initiating this transaction was because what I receive as salary even as an officer here in the bank is nothing but a peanut. But I know that with this ample opportunity, both of us shall have enough to take care of our families and as well excel financially. Now after going through this mail response and you know you are ready to claim this $4,5,Million Dollars then do fill the Application Letter of Claim immediately and send it to the bank through e-mail as to re-assure me of your capability to claim the above stated funds. Like I said before in my proposal 60% is for me and 40% is for you if you agree to handle this business with me. Feel free to ask me any question you need to know concerning this transaction. I am here to protect you until this fund hits your nominated bank account. I am well placed in the bank to strike this deal without qualms, but my nationality as a Burkinabe doesn't allow me to claim this money directly, because the account owner was a foreigner and only a foreigner can claim the fund.
Waiting for your response as urgency implies.
Mr. Daniel SANUHO.

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