Tuesday, April 3, 2012

stolen website content

Why don't you guys do a story about all the theft of intellectual property on the internet? That would be a good one to look into. There is a website that has stolen material from practically everybody. We wrote asking them to stop but they keep stealing. Now they took down their public contact information. is hosting this website and we have filed Copyright claims with them because the owner of the website ignores your DMCA notices. if this website has anything of yours, you can check with to make sure, then contact The more authors and websites that come forward, the more likely godaddy will be to shut down this website.


  1. is owned by Netherworld haunted house in Atlanta.

  2. Hello. Yes, we have also found our work posted on We were also able to determine that this website is owned by Netherworld haunted house attraction in Atlanta. This is a multi million dollar outfit and yet they can't pay somebody to write original content for their website? What is that about? Our organization has written them with no response. Our material is still up there. Also, anybody who pays to go in this attraction should know that they have something against the Jews. You see the article they stole from our website discussed the Jewish legend of the Golem. They not only stole our article but also when they republished it, they gave it a defamatory title indicating that those who believe in the Jewish legends are crazy. You can read more about it on our website because it is just too long for me to go into here


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