Tuesday, April 3, 2012

794202351771 part 1

Ok gang, looks like we have another one of those strange emails's from the same sender This time there are 99 attached files. There is no text, just pictures. It is going to take me a long time to upload all of these so I am going to do it in parts. This is part one. The subject of this email is 794202351771. It was sent from the IP address of which traces to Houston Texas.

Here are the first 20 images. They appear exactly in this order in the email:

Thank you to James who submitted the last image in this set for us since the email we saw did not have this one.As you can see, it contains instructions. It is difficult to read over the image, but I will try my best to transcribe it.

"Dear World Community,

The Emperors in Japan have been a proxy or replica of me. I am a true emperor in Japan named Jesus and may have another names in places (in Iran too).All the laws are based on me. I am finding that we are all suffering from unsuable software. As I feel like it is the time I must let you know the truth. I have decided to restore the true collaborative governance with you.

If you know the Ten Commandments is scalable, follow it and then I approve it. It is the minimum governance. For example neighbor is an unit nearby. It may be easy to understand. Weare being surrounded by Agent smith. Let us start rebooting. I want many collaborations.

We think that a better value exchanging system is needed. Because many people are suffering from it. How about adjusting the current system towards new system with no debt and no interest rates? If not possible or in parallel people can start to make the system from the ground up. I approve it. And let us start freshly.

Making the exchanging system based on metals is a bad idea. And it should be based on stone age software. Because bronze age had been an age of destruction, Software in the bronze age is unusable. Letus recall the software of stone age. And we will start the system cleanly.

Israel, I do not think Iran is your enemy. And I do not think Israel is the enemy of Iran. It seems that Iran is just intolerant about bad manners around you. Do you want to see the inside of pants in Iran? If you see it you may have to be slaves of slaves. And Japan is not the new Jerusalem. Stone and Tree are scalable for people.

Japan (and the world) has a system like IDS (intrusion detection system) or the redundant Honeypot (a trap set to detect, deflect or in some manner counteract attempts at unauthorized use of information systems). It is said that the first emperor is Jinmu and Japan starts at BC 660 or Japan starts at Taika Reforms in the year 645. They are all Honeypot.

It has been something like a process in a virtual machine. As it has been all Honeypot and the system should be rebooted. Rebooting is a restoration of the world based on stone age software. You can start it yourself by walking or feeling. If you need help or collaboration, please put out something as a sign. We have been waiting for the time with you. Let us start happily.

Thank you."

By the way, I was finally able to upload all 100 images to the blog. You can see them here.


  1. that's the email I got today... hmmm...

  2. It's very very strange. I haven't gotten all the pics up but they get stranger as they go along.

  3. Any idea what this is supposed to be? I got the same strange email myself.

  4. Count me in on the recipient list. Mine has 100 pics attached. The last one has instructions. Did anyone get this one? It references the ten commandments, a new monetary system, Israel Iran and Japan, rebooting to a stone age software system, needing collaborators, Honeypot, peace...

    1. I got this one too. WTH

  5. I got this one myself. It had 100 pictures but no instructions. We would be very pleased if you could copy those instructions here in the comment section or send them along to Thanks

    1. Hi Chester, I just forwarded the email I received to you for your use. The instructions are in the last attachment named WorldMap2.jpg. I would have liked to copy the instructions here for others to read however I couldn't read some of the words and I didn't want to transcribe them incorrectly. I'm confident that you will post the image for others to see for themselves.

  6. this just hit us at work today as well. It came over ot several of our emails. Very strange yet interesting pictures, I was just wondering what this was all about.

  7. Sounds like it's either g0d or some whacko, or maybe both?

  8. AnonymousMay 18, 2012

    thanks for shedding some sort of light on this. I just got this in the UK and it freaked me out! Especially as it says London Olympics on one of the pics!!

  9. I got the one with lots of frog pictures and one of an egyptian or inca godess. I replied to it asking who it was? Supprisingly it replied back. " LOL Rick "
    That IS my first name.
    Kind of creepy.

  10. I got my second one today. I deleted the first one as I was irritated with getting nonsense from someone I did not know. I had some writing on the previous one but I did not take it seriously as I thought it was just nonsense but after seeing that all of you are intrigued by this, I believe we ought to consider what all of us have in common. I believe that will lead us to the answer as to what this is all about.

    To begin with, I have been expecting to be contacted but by the burgeoning neo-Nazi government in the US so I had an idea that these e-mails might be from them. I am a tea party organizer, a "conspiracy" theorist, a 9-11 truther, a "show me the birth certificate now" guy, and all the rest. I would guess that some or all of you have similar things in your background. I am also into Biblical prophecy and believe that we are now in the final days of this age, and the beginning of the new one as prophesied. Today's message had a photo of a very large Bible at the end. Thus, I am beginning to get intrigued.

    Anybody have anything to say on any of these things or anything to add?

  11. Just got my first one of these, had 299 attachments. With repeats the message was probably 500 images long. No instructions, but did have a reference to "somin shorai" and being marked. I honestly don't want to scroll thru that whole thing again just to transcribe the words of a madman.


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