Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Don't let this happen to your pet

This photo is from yesterday, it is the receiving hall at Miami Dade Animal Services. 80 dog's came in, who were once someone's pets. Pure breeds, puppies, mixed breeds, older dogs. Only a few will make it out alive. This is why you need to spay/neuter. Do it people! 25% of dogs in animal shelters are pure breeds. Over 3 MILLION are put to death every year, healthy happy dogs. They are a 10-15year commitment; a life, not a material item to dispose of when its inconvenient or you get bored.
Miami Dade animal services is the focus of some controversey involving abuse, pets with rescue holds being euthanized and botched spay/neutering. There is a Facebook page dedicated to exposing what goes on behind the doors at Miami Dade Animal services.!/pages/The-Hidden-Truth-Behind-The-Bars-Of-Miami-Dade-Animal-Services/402132819796820

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