Saturday, May 12, 2012

Helen William Nigerian scammer

This is I think the fourth time that the Bogus Barrister has posted about this con artist calling himself Helen William. The scammer is sending these emails to the contact address for our blog. All we have done is replied with the links to each blog post and the scammer seems to think we are participating in the scam.
My Dearest,

Thanks for your email again.I read your email and was very comfortable with your words towards my situation here in Senegal and about the trust,the transfer of the money to you,i come over to your country,as my condition here now i do not have any other choice than to look for a way out for this money because  my late father's relative want to kill me so that they can take this money so i need to go out from here as soon as possible as i have already told you.The bank manager told me the first day i contacted their office to claim this money that according to the agreement that there bank made with my late father that only an over sea's partner can claim this money on my behalf,and as i told you before i say it again  please keep this issue for yourself you do not need to let your friends to know about this or any other person till this money get to your account then we will know is save there,please go ahead to contact the bank with there contact
information i have place under here.

The bank manager gave me encourage to look for a foreign partner whom is able to invest all the money because I didn't have any investment idea at all. Remember the amount involve is US$7.6million dollars. i want you to keep this for your self even if you have told any body before from now do not tell  any other person about this untill the money is transfer to your account,please no body should hear about it till the money get to your account.

Here is the contact information's of the bank manager office.

PHONE:+221778293861 \ +22176389460
NAME OF DEPOSITOR ....Dr William Johnson
NEXT OF KIN.....Helen William
DATE OF BIRTH.............16 May 1987
COUNTRY OF BIRTH .......Liberia
AMOUNT ........7.6,000.000usd
ACCOUNT NUMBER............ BA/34156005701(55)

you should contact the bank as soon as possible to introduce yourself to them as my partner, nominated foreign partner whom will receive my money as soon as it transfer out of their custody i have already told them about you and i have make up my mind to map out 10% from the total amount for the ranbusment of any expenses that you may spend during the transaction. Please, you should know that i shall depend on your action on this transaction and investment because the only thing i want is to go on with my education which is very important to me, so when you start your communication with the bank manager try to keep me updated on what ever you're discussing with them to enable me know when the money is transferred into your account. please call me with this number  00221773162167 as soon as you send the email to the bank.

I hope to hear from you as soon as you read my email.
Take care and remain blessed.
Yours Truly In love

please use this sample below here to send the email to Dr Usman Khamara the bank manager as i told you i have already told Dr Usman Khamara  the bank manager about you and about our intention to be together then he said that he will help us.

Good day Dr Usman Khamara bank manager
My name is Mr............................... i am from.................................and here is my present address.......................,i am Miss Helen William Foreign partner who she told you that will be contacting you for the claim of the money which her late father deposited in your bank, me and Helen have talk and we have agreed to invest the money in my country so i want you to let me know the procedure to bring the money to my account. here is my phone number................................... contact me on the phone if you need to know any other things from me and if you need more clarifications contact Miss Helen at she will explain better.

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