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A light finally goes off for some PublishAmerica authors

PublishAmerica CEO sent out a letter to his authors today, and so far has gotten some strong responses and none of them positive.
This seems to top the last email that was demeaning to the older female authors that they publish.

Meiners doesn't understand or probably more accuarately won't admit that the "alpha authors" he speaks of don't exist.
Alpha people wouldn't hand their book over to PA. If they do, they immediately know it was a big mistake and are the people
who throws in the third catagory. They will not buy into these goofy gimmicks and promotions. These gimmicks are purchased by those
dreamers who like those who play the lottery, hope the gimmicks will make their dreams come true. Alphas are people of action
who do not have time to waste chasing dreams.

Alphas do not whine and complain and lement on the internet as these authors do. Either they will get an attorney involved or they will just keep moving forward without PA and learn a good lesson from it.

Group three is really the group of authors who see PA for what it is and have stopped shelling out money.

Group two is middle of the road. They know something is wrong but still keep hoping that they haven't been swindled.

Ann Lane And there are some who are sick, confined at home and can't do much for themselves, let alone to sell books for you. Maybe have the good character not dis those who are doing their very best to LIVE, instead of demeaning them by "definitions" you really know nothing about.

Lyn Roberts I agree with Ann. My husband has two books with Publish America. We even paid to have the books put in Kindle form. We created a website, we have given out books, and made business cards but yet are told he has had no book sales in a couple of years. We have been told people have bought the book but nothing to show for it. It is sad because those who have read them have said there good books. Maybe help should be available to those whom dont have the money or health to publisize properly. Would it not benefit Publish America to help in this area since they profit from the book sales?

Ann Lane I got the CORRECTED Triple 7 email today. I tried to use it. It SHOULD have added up to $23.31 for 3 books before shipping. When I tried to access it, your calculator said it added up to $34.99.

When we try to buy them via an email offer to sell personally, we get screwed. When copies ARE SOLD through your website, your office says the author gets no commission because no copies were sold , yet strangely, copies of the books are showing up in droves (proof of which is emails from people who bought them, loved them and communicate; or being stopped in the street to comment on the book) and we didn't sell them personally so damn! how does that happen????

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Good morning!

We have three categories of authors. There's those who like action. They take the initiative, always keep copies of their own book on hand, and they voluntarily become book resellers. They make things happen, period.

Category two is authors who are reluctant to sell their own book. They don't like advertising themselves. But they do like to be advertised, or at least their book. They seek to make things happen, but more indirectly.

The third group is none of the above. They are totally passive about their book. They wait for things to happen, and as a result nothing ever happens at all. I have mentioned this group before: they're the authors of 11,000 of our books, 18 pct.

Let me tell you something interesting about the first two groups today.

More after this book review, You Are My Very Best Friend: The Adventures of Mike and Gabe (In English and Spanish) by Cathy Carter (

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Mike and Gabe are two young friends who are different in appearance, but they see past those differences and focus on what they have in common: their friendship. Written in English and Spanish, Cathy's book aims to appeal to all children and also provide them with a chance to learn a second language. The author wishes for peace worldwide, and her first imprint on that cause is this delightful children's book. With endearing drawings Cathy tells kids all over North and South America that discrimination on any level is not justified. I like what she did.

Find You Are My Very Best Friend here:

So there are two different sets of authors who want stuff to happen. The first group has an alpha mentality. They don't wait for their book to sell. They buy their own copies at a deep discount and resell them. They become book resellers. The other category are authors who want others to sell their book, but they take action as well. They cause their book to be promoted and advertised, so that other booksellers will take notice. So they invest in promotional options.

Last year, in 2011, PublishAmerica offered 30 different discounts on book sales. Thousands of authors bought their own books, taking advantage of those discounts.

Also last year we offered 600 different promotion opportunities. They varied from representation at book fairs to telling bookstores about a book, to talking to foreign publishers, to alerting Hollywood, and 596 other options in between. Here too, many thousands of authors were served.

Now here's the interesting part. One: authors who buy books don't buy promotional services. The opposite is also true: authors who purchase promotion generally don't purchase books. There are a few exceptions to this rule, but they're rare. That's why I said, there are two different sets of authors who want stuff to happen. They're really different.

Two: the group of authors who purchase promotion is much larger than the group who buy and resell books. At least twice as large.

I'm sure these numbers reflect what you know to be true in your own circle of family and friends. There are those who are always really assertive, who don't mind to be seen as a drum major, as leading the charge, confident, with a good sense of ego. And there's another group who are less confident promoting themselves, slightly more reserved, but nonetheless determined to aim for success. Of this second group, there are more.

Am I correct?

Well, for this second group, the larger group, our Special Services team is a godsend. With hindsight's 20/20, we should have built this department much earlier. When we gave these authors 600 ways-to-promote options to choose from just last year alone, those services were tapped into 20,000 times!

So now you know why we keep issuing those special promotion offers!

I invite you to talk back to me. I don't guarantee a response, but I do guarantee that we listen. You can reach me by email at In the subject line write Attn. Willem.

Have a wonderful day!

--Willem Meiners

If you want to rent space on Willem's future Letters-from-the-CEO, go to service/Willem.html. Have your book reviewed for tens of thousands of people to see, or talk into the open mic!
You can read this letter also online here: ceo051612.html. All previous letters are here:


  1. AnonymousMay 16, 2012

    I see PA removed the negative but truthful comments so they can continue pretending that all they have are happy authors.

  2. AnonymousMay 17, 2012

    Yes, and that, the pretense, the whitewash, is the hallmark of Publish America, who has been successfully sued for breach of contract. They lie, they steal in a myriad of ways, and most contumeliously, they erase anything that speaks the truth. I'm not at all sure how they convince anyone to write anything affirmative, perhaps that's another lie, but how they convince new authors is by the cover-up. Perhaps most egregious personally was the lie about not being a vanity publisher; I had another, legitimate publisher interested, but Publish America promised higher royalties, which was also a lie; they sell books and refuse to pay ANY royalties. Scam, beginning to end.


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