Wednesday, May 16, 2012

An open letter to the media and concerned citizens: Abuse at Miami-Dade Animal Services

To Whom It May Concern: 
I am writing in regard to the Miami-Dade Animal Services Shelter (MDAS).  This is a high-kill animal shelter located in Miami, Florida that mistreats animals in a way no one can imagine.  The horrific conditions and how animals are treated at MDAS need exposure and awareness.  When animals enter this shelter they have almost no chance of survival.  Many enter sick and injured and stay that way with no medical treatment for days. Dogs lie in their own vomit and feces for hours before anyone notices them. We have pictures to back up these statements. Some die alone and afraid in their cages.  The conditions are deplorable; there have been numerous distemper outbreaks with shelter lock downs for days.  There is nothing sanitary about this facility. Animals with infections are immediately euthanized.  I have personally witnessed "butcher" like surgeries that have left dogs in excruciating pain and in need of emergency medical attention.  Dogs have died in this shelter from botched spay and neuter surgeries.  Holds and chip ins (money raised) are placed on animals waiting to be vetted and sent to rescues and for no reason at all they are killed before the rescues arrive.  WHY???  These animals could have gotten out alive. 
There have been many incidents where shelter workers quite possibly are stealing dogs right from under the noses of the director as animals disappear while nothing is done to investigate or solve these disappearances.  Many dogs are also deemed "aggressive" to justify MDAS KILLING them.  Other dogs get incorrect information from MDAS saying that they are available only to find out they have already been killed.   Some of the dogs are killed prior to their due out date; some are killed even though it is obvious they are someone's pet.  Some dogs are killed the day they enter the facility with no chance of adoption. 
We started a Facebook page called "The Hidden Truth Behind The Bars of Miami-Dade Animal Services" approximately six weeks ago and already have almost 1,000 followers.   We also started a petition and have over 3,000 signatures from all over the world.  Our Facebook page has numerous examples and the proof needed that this shelter is extremely inhumane.  Everything we have posted on our Facebook page is the TRUTH!!  We have pictures, medical proof and eye witness testimony.
We need help, this shelter should not be in the condition it's in and run the way it is in the 20th Century.  These animals suffer like no one can imagine.  We have sent letters and emails to the Mayor of Miami with no response.  No one, and I mean no one, will help these poor, innocent animals.  Everyone turns a blind eye to the entire situation.  Miami is not a poor city as they have spent millions of dollars on a new sports stadium and have numerous NEW county vehicles that were purchased and have been sitting in storage for years without use.  In the meantime the conditions at this shelter keep getting worse and the animals keep suffering.   We have been in contact with the director of the facility and he finds every excuse to justify every action in the shelter.
 Carol Borrelli from wrote an article on March 25, 2012 in regards to this shelter also.  This is the link if you would like to view her story also.  It is quite obvious that things are very wrong here, but nobody wants to get involved.
I am not an owner of a rescue or a part of any rescue organization, I am just a very concerned citizen and a resident of the state of Florida who has witnessed the mistreatment and horrific conditions of dogs in this shelter.  Please, these dogs need our help and we are demanding changes and awareness of this shelter.  The dogs cannot speak, therefore WE ARE THEIR VOICE!!

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