Roberta Joyce Rodgers I am in group two
23 hours ago · · 1
Debbie Colleen Hunt I'm in group two as well :)
12 hours ago ·
Hope Ann Phillips I guess I am in group one. I always try to have copies of my books on hand. I was really glad to read this letter, I often wonder if I'm doing things right….lol Unfortunately I cannot do both… (The economy and all) But I did recently do PA's offer for the Florida convention. Which you never know who saw our books…:)
3 hours ago ·
Brian Smith ‎"Which you never know who saw our books" you don't know who saw your books at these conventions? Other PA authors of course and the PA staff. Nobody else was there.
Jeffrey Bechtel someone must have shelled out some money to get it doneMonday at 6:08pm · UnlikeLike ·  2.
Brian Smith yes they did it cost that author $69 to get a mention by the big cheese in an email that only PAauthors in the same boat as yourselves will ever read.