Sunday, May 20, 2012

Raymond Wilson aka thomas allen scammer

Attenttion: my dear friend.
please there is something bewildered which i do not understood,(mr.thomas
allen) your brother is trying to make us believe that you are in sick bed
and not capable to handle the transaction. he even explained that you
entered into an agreement with him there by making him the current
beneficiary of the fund .
he claimed to be your next of kin and he is here to needed fee $76 to
receive your $1.7m used to benin republic for the issuance of the original
award activation fee that is why i am writing this message to you today,
in view of this development. you are requested to confirm to this office
the truth of this matter, whether we release the fund your brother,

i want to hear from you and to verify whether you are the one that sent
him to receive the fund before we can allow him to send the the $76 for
the man in charge activation fee mr. albert. please, do confirm to me, as
a matter of urgency if this man is really from you so that this office
will not be held responsible for paying wrong person.

be advice that we are ready to release your the fund to mr.thomas allen
and i don't think you will blame any person if this happen which you have
already paid some money to the government of benin republic in the past,
that is all i need to tell you now. please you should respond urgently to
enable us to know whether you were the one that sent him because there is
numerous scam that is going on in the world today which you must be aware
if you are very sure that you are not the one sent Mr. Thomas allen as an
insider in this financial institution, go ahead now to send the $76 with
the payment information's in order to enable Benin high court of Benin
republic obtain this needed c activation fee so that your fund will be
transfer to you

here is the information you can use to send the $$76

receiver name: Eze green

city.............. cotonou

country.........benin republic

test question:.............good



mtcn no#.....



DR Raymond Wilson.



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  1. AnonymousJuly 31, 2012

    a man going by a general is scamming people out of money found his name is raymond wilson when he wanted me to open a ck an sav acct with IRA an said he would wire $80,000 to acct then get out an send to him,he should of read the generals bio better as the gen is married an has kids over 21 an this man says wife died 15 yrs ago kids 10 an 12.God will deal with him.I wrote him this morning then deeleted all his info I thought then just went yahoo an he on messaging me,need to learn how to shut down messenger i guess


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