Friday, May 25, 2012

Spamcop reinstates users accounts

The Bogus Barrister recently reported that Spamcop users were getting notices that their accounts were disabled for over reporting spam. Yesterday, Spamcop reinstated those accounts with an explanation of what happened. Apparently the spammers had been very busy intentionally overloading their system and sending their servers into a meltdown.

"SpamCop recently suffered service issues that caused many user accounts to be summarily suspended without notice.

The problem was caused by a server meltdown. SpamCop went berserk for a while and thought that some users were sending us huge volumes of spam submissions.

The reason for your account suspension is that spammers are using our own service against us by signing up for accounts and then flooding them with mail in hopes of bringing down the system from overload.

We have a spam submission limit of 15,000 spams per day as a defense against that.

The problem has been fixed and we should be back to normal now.

Please accept my apologies for all the trouble!"

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