Friday, May 25, 2012

Pedro Hernandez arrested and charged with the murder of Etan Patz

Etan Patz disappeared 33 years ago this Friday. The case has had a major breakthrough and may at last be solved. Although police say, it is unlikely that Etan Patz' remains will ever be recovered, perhaps at least his family can have some closure. Pedro Hernandez confessed to killing the boy in 1979 when Hernandez was 18 years old. After his arrest, he was taken to Bellevue Hospital at 5:30 am and placed on suicide watch. Hernandez has been charged with second-degree murder.

Hernandex told investigators that on the day Etan Patz , 6, disappeared on his way to a school bus stop in SoHo, he lured the boy to the basement of the bodega where he worked with the promise of a soda, Police Commissioner Raymond W. Kelly said Thursday night. Once inside, Mr. Hernandez said he choked Etan, stuffed his body in a bag and took the bag about a block and a half away, where dumped it in the open amid other trash.

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  1. "He also said Hernandez told a relative and others as far back as 1981 that he had "done something bad" and killed a child in New York.".....and they should be charged as well.


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