Saturday, June 2, 2012

Just how much money does this publishamerica author think he is going to make?

He seems to think he is going to make a lot more than he will ever see in royalties money from PA that's for sure.
i know that people are seeing me reposting the same posting everyday. but im doing this because its for a great cause and im going to continue posting it each and everyday.

hmm whats on my mind... well.. I have made a big decision about my . book(s). have thought about it and this is what i have decided. this isnt only to help promote my book but to help others as well. I have dec
ided that for every $1 that i make off my book I will donate $.10 to Make a Wish Foundation.

The donation will not be made in my name but will be made in the name of Facebook People. this is because it will because of all of you that the donation will be possible.

Thank you all.... God Bless each and everyone of you. book name Dungeons Secrets.

if you view this posting please atleast click "LIKE" so that i can get any idea of how many people are seeing this.

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