Saturday, June 16, 2012


So much for the statement that PA wouldn't publically litigate...
This potential PublishAmerica customer was having an exchange with PA. This person was sent several emails to try convincing them to sign with PA.
 After the Bogus Barrister broke the story to the public about the class action lawsuit, this author replied by telling them he would look elsewhere for a publisher especially in light of the class action.
At 11:20 AM 6/15/2012, {name redacted} wrote:

I'm going to have to pass up PublishAmerica. Having a class action lawsuit filed against you tells me all I need to know.
This was PublishAmerica's response:

Actually, that does not tell you much of anything at all. This tells you much more:  Actually, our reputation is stellar. We have been growing, for 12 years. We have 60,000 titles under contract. And THOUSANDS of our authors keep telling the world how happy they are: Over 4,000 now, unsolicited. That, of course, is the real story. For every one author who complains, there are many more who praise us.

Plaintiffs' claims are without any basis and we are confident that they will not hold up in court. Plaintiffs' claims are directly contradicted by PublishAmerica's contracts, websites, its performance under its contracts, and the fact that 47,000 authors have happily joined PublsihAmerica over the past twelve years, almost 15,000 of whom have also chosen PublishAmerica as the publisher of their next book. The claims distort the facts, omit relevant information and in some cases are just plain false.

Thank You,

Acquisitions Editor

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  1. AnonymousJune 16, 2012

    i see that being slapped with a lawsuit didn't cause these crooks to break their stride.

    "For every one author who complains, there are many more who praise us."

    Truth: its the other way around. For every one author who praises them, there are any unhappy authors. Problem is PA obviously believes in censorship. They scrub the PAMB and Facebook of all negative comments and point authors to the "testimonials" page.


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