Thursday, July 26, 2012

Gregory Branson Trent the jig is up

We aren't the only ones calling this self proclaimed "best selling author" a scammer. Reviews for his book The Ultimate Book Of Spells And Essential Potions on Amazon show that a lot of people now know Branson Trent is a con man. By the way, it was Google who removed each and every one of his blogs hosted for free at

Here is the link to the original review on

"Buyer Beware, July 23, 2012
By Elysia TessekThis review is from: The Ultimate Book Of Spells And Essential Potions (Paperback)
I did not buy this book, nor would I ever buy anything written by this imposter. All of his books contain plagiarized material, at least from the short glimpses I have been able to view through Amazon's "look inside" feature. For example, this book's excerpt starts with instructions on how to make a Book of Shadows that is directly copied from's Pagan/Wiccan website, which is written by Patti Wiggington. Here is the link if Amazon allows it: [...] - if not, just Google the phrase "preventing candle wax and other" and you will immediately see which articles on the internet use that language and once there, you can follow along WORD for WORD.

Next in this book is a section called "Basic Working Spell Outline" which you can quickly find on Google by searching "we all have different ways and routines" - this turns up several articles, again verbatim.

If you would rather spend $4.99 (Kindle) or $19.99 (paperback) than just browse the internet for free, go ahead. But know that this man steals other people's work, on every book I have checked of his. Gee, isn't it just a little suspicious that he has been "writing" and publishing a new book just about every month? Get wise, lots of people are doing this on Amazon now to make a quick buck now that they've taken the publisher - ordinarily your first line of defense - out of the mix and allowed fools like this to self-publish directly to Amazon. Don't get taken in by this scammer. "

Again, this matter isn't going to disappear even if Gregory Branson Trent tries to. These printed copies still exist. He did profit off of the works of real authors. The Bogus Barrister would be grateful to those who may have electronic copies of these books for our review so that we can locate the victimized authors.

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