Thursday, July 19, 2012

Lucky Dog adoption scam Boggs Mountain Humane Shelter

An Undercover investigation shows that the Boggs Mountain Humane Shelter in Georgia has for years been running an adoption scam known as the "lucky dog" program. For a donation of $100 dollars or more, staff at the Clayton Georgia shelter told animal lovers that they could sponsor a dog or cat and promised them that their good deed would save the animal's life. For many years in the community, Boggs Mountain has told the public that it is exclusively a no-kill shelter.

This is directly from their website:

"Would you like to help an animal, but are not in the position to adopt? Give the gift of life to an old or less adoptable pet by sponsoring them. Our Lucky Dog/Lucky Cat sponsorships also make great gifts for the animal lover in your life.
Your sponsorship covers all shots, worming, spay/neuter, rabies and physical exam by a vet. We will also send you a photo of your sposored animal. LEARN MORE ABOUT THIS PROGRAM»"

The money was supposed to guarantee that the animal would not be euthanized. The shelter sent out letters assuring the sponsors that their "lucky dog." went to a loving home. Those were complete lies. Instead of finding homes, these animals were euthanized. Many of them within hours of obtaining the donation money. Lynne Cousins, a now former shelter employee blew the whistle on this scam and says that the director of the shelter, hand picks the animals to be placed on this bogus adoption program. Shelter employees were told to lie or else lose their jobs.

The shelter is located at:
261 Boen Creek Rd, Clayton, Ga

and also lists a contact of

P.O. Box 249 Tiger, GA 30576

Phone number: 706-782-5422 The Bogus Barrister applauds the Fox5 I-Team for their investigation and we hear that the local Sheriff has now opened a criminal investigation. We will keep you updated. In the meantime, we urge all concerned citizens to contact the Rabun County Sheriff and demand justice for these animals and the caring people who were lied to and scammed out of their money.

Please also take the time to read our report about additional cases of animal abuse in Tennessee.


  1. AnonymousJuly 20, 2012

    since this so called no kill shelter was soliciting donations for these "lucky dogs" over the internet, recieving donations over the internet and sending out emails to those they cheated out of the money, this meets the criteria of wire fraud. The sheriff may have started an investigation, but what these people did is a federal offense. The FBI needs to get involved.

  2. AnonymousJuly 20, 2012

    why is the website still up? when will charges be pressed???

  3. @anonymous, there has to be a court order handed to their hosting company to take down that website.

  4. AnonymousJuly 22, 2012

    Love the ending of this Fox News 5 Atlanta Undercover report where the Evil Animal Shelter Director smashes the reporter in the door.
    Don't miss it. It's great. Hope she goes to prison. But, the police in Rabun County have a reputation for being corrupt. So, who knows.

  5. AnonymousJuly 23, 2012

    I have lived in Rabun my whole life and have met the 'Evil animal shelter director', Peanut, several times. She has been known to play with fire and act surprised when she gets burnt. I think I speak for the rest of the county when I say I am truly ashamed of what has been going on behind the public's back for who knows how long, and I feel so sorry for all the innocent animals and well-meaning people caught up in this useless fiasco fueled by one person's greed. I am an animal lover myself and am the proud pet parent of two wonderful Jack Russell-Fiest mixes, Rhett and Scarlett and I am outraged at the unjust treatment so many animals and their owners have recieved from BMHS. However, I feel like I should defend my beloved birth place and le it be known that, while our little town is a long way from perfect, we aren't as bad as we're made out to be and we certainly don't tolerate this kind of behavior. First Deliverance, now this, I don't care to imagine what people must think about us. I fear this could have a severe negative impact on our mainly tourism-based economy, but maybe that's just me being paranoid. Shame on you, BMHS, and shame on you Peanut for cheating hundreds of innocent people of their money and hundreds of innocent animals of their lives, and for further befouling out county's reputation.

    1. So how, exactly, has "Peanut" been burned in the past? What kind of fire are we talking here? And how was someone with even a hint of a spotty reputation allowed to be in control at this shelter? The shelter received almost $200,000 from local government, no telling how much in donations and volunteer.

    2. AnonymousJuly 25, 2012

      Not so much getting into trouble with the shelter or being busted for fraud in that case as it is in her private and personal life. She's known for being incredibly rude and disrespectful to everyone, her coworkers, friends, even strangers and for getting offended when someone calls her out on it. As for how she became the shelters director, I really have no clue. I could name a dozen people right off the top of my head who are more deserving of the position, who truly care about the animals and wouldn't abuse the power that came with the position. '

  6. AnonymousJuly 26, 2012

    I have lived in Rabun county all my life, I am apalled to have such a story about our county, how embarassing for what this says about our county.God have mercy on such heartess actions.We were raised better than that.I am an animal lover myself and I feel that what she has done there is no excuse for ,but people here well....I think she deserves the same treatment she gave those precious amimals, no choice she needs to be punished like they were.Bless there hearts and yes I said hearts for I fear she dont" have one,how sad.God created us to take careof what he created,he created animals first .I m very sorry for what she has done


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