Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Animal Abuse in Warren County Tennessee

The Bogus Barrister crime blog notices that the mainstream media isn't courageous enough to publicize stories like these anymore. It used to be that the media had the power and the willingness to change circumstances but they would rather glorify murderers and trashy celebrities. When we as a society, turn a blind eye to abuse and crimes like these- yes folks- animal abuse is a crime. Unfortunately it is a crime that isn't taken nearly as seriously as it deserves to be. Let's also not forget that the major news outlets also waited until the 11th hour to publicize the plight of Lennox, the dog from Belfast who was inprisoned and euthanized by the Belfast City Counsel for supposedly looking like a pit bull. The news media had their chance to help him but none would get involved except to publize his murder.

The video above depicts horses left on farms, to starve to death. They are injured, sick and the authorities there have turned a blind eye to this abuse. In one part of this video, the Extension Office investigators actually made an appointment to show up and investigate! Abusers deserve no warning. This shows us that while they know the abuse is really happening, they are going out of their way not to see or gather that evidence.

This is another serious animal abuse scandal coming on the heels of the Boggs Mountain Humane Shelter's Lucky Dog scam.

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