Friday, July 6, 2012

PublishAmerica asks authors to pay for Book distribution

By their definition of "distribution" they mean, that bookstores can purchase books directly from PublishAmerica. This is nothing new. Bookstores always could buy them directly. The point is, they don't.
At PublishAmerica, no author pays to have their book produced and published and made available to bookstores worldwide, ever. We're traditional..."traditional" is not the same as commerical but PA sure hopes new authors don't know the difference. Here is  PublishAmerica in the face of a nasty class action lawsuit posting bogus offers like this one. If PublishAmerica truly had followed the example of "other publishers" they would not be viewed today as the Enron of publishing.
Bookstores have ALWAYS been able to purchase books directly from PA.
"And the books they order to carry are returnable"
Bust: I'm looking at yesterday's bookstore sales report... ah, let me see, one moment... it's from Ingram, the nation's number one book wholesaler, reporting on PublishAmerica books sold to bookstores. Hold on one second, I want to add up how many of these are returnable.
Ah, none are returnable"
No bookstore is going to stock POD books.. period. No bookstores would ever spend their valuable time placing a separate order directly to a POD publisher to buy overpriced books by unknown authors that are full of errors and very poorly written. Booksellers know this. PublishAmerica's name is poison.
Product Description

Book distribution
is now expanded. PublishAmerica has followed the example of other publishers, and is now offering
Direct Distribution.
With direct distribution bookstores can now order their books directly from PublishAmerica instead of going through large wholesalers such as Ingram.
Bookstores that use Direct Distribution receive a bookstore discount of up to 55 pct, which is more than 10 times what they get elsewhere. And the books they order to carry are returnable. This means that the bookstore can return unsold copies to PublishAmerica's direct distribution center.
Do you want bookstores to have this access to your book?
Add your book to our Direct Distribution system. Your local bookstore probably loves it. In fact, we'll get on the phone right away to negotiate the bookstore's first next order of your book! They will also keep their Ingram option. PublishAmerica books are non-returnable through Ingram.
Your book will be entered in our Direct Distribution system, and we will contact your area bookstores this week to let them know all about it!
Must choose a shipping option to activate. No use of coupons s allowed.

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