Monday, October 29, 2012

Elderly man hit on bicycle Taco Bell Florida city

Did anybody witness an accident that happened yesterday outside Taco Bell in Florida city yesterday? A man was pulling out of the drive through when he struck an old man riding a bike. The old man tried to shake down the driver for repairs to his bicycle. The police were supposedly called to the scene because the driver would not pay. That call was said to have been made by Taco Bell staff. The old man is a known con artist who got 0the police to help him obtain a check from the driver. His bicycle was already damaged from previous falls and altercations. Needless to say the man stopped in to cash this check while telling me the story that I am reporting to this blog. He did not spend the money in the manner intended and should be investigated for fraud. A few weeks ago the same man explained that he slipped and fell in the Aldi parking lot.

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