Thursday, October 4, 2012

Publish America CEO pens flaming letter about Hagens Berman and detractors

Even when the petition is dismissed against them Publishaamerica still behave like sore losers. It's bad enough that over the years Publishamerica's CEO has called detractors all sorts of names drunks, junkees, jerks, clowns but here he attacks Hagens Berman the law fir. That filed the class action lawsuit on behalf of all authors. MR. meiner tells authors that the law firm was against them. Not so. Had this gone forward all authors would have gotten their rights back. That would have been a huge win. Pay close attention to the last line of the letter where Meiners professes to speak for the judge...."don't waste the taxpayers money". Yeah. The man has had a tax lien against him since 2009. You can read the letter for yourself and see how truly ungracious and unprofessional they are. Hagens Berman should seriously rethink their position.

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