Thursday, October 4, 2012

Re: Mr. Wills From Bank UBS AG Switzerland scam

I received your mail and the content well noted. Really, I do-not know you before, i only asked my secretary to look for me a foreigner in the computer who will be capable to handle large amount, which she did without knowing you either, she brought three names and after spraying i decided to start with you.This business is real and risk free because there will be complete clearance documents to prove the legality of the large amount to any financial institution.I come from a reputable family and in my position i can never get involved in anything that will bring shame to my family even for billions Anyway, let me give you the details to enable you understand the procedures. Firstly you need to send me your existing account information so that i will use it in securing the payment approval from the authorities in your name as the legal beneficiary. The information I need are as follows the bank name, the bank address, bank account number, routing number
and the name you used to open the account with

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