Saturday, October 6, 2012

Warning: scamming Miramar couple John Robert and Claudia Lopez

All piano techs and refinishers beware of a couple who have an old grand piano and are seeking work on it. They want it perfect, but they don't want to pay for work that was done. John owns an aircraft repair company. I contracted to retop the keys, paint the ebony keys, voice and other services. I charged 425.00. I recommended my father's services as a refinisher. I got the action home and dad started refinishing the piano. He did some work in the home, only to have Lopez browbeat and harrass him the entire time. Lopez claimed that our individual deals were one and the same and claimed that he suspected my work wouldn't be very good. I finished the action, doing my best work and brought it back to him. He refused to pay me all that he owed, and said if he wanted it done right, he wouldn't use me. I'm also letting the Piano Technician's Guild know about this. They solicit techs and answer ads on Craiglist. They will call from 954-245-2630 or
954-232-8744. We suspect they may have already cheated other techs

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