Friday, November 30, 2012

Ben Kute aka the Fart Man explains Gassy still thinks he is talking to a magazine. He is talking to the Bogus Barrister Blog

----Forwarded Message----
Sent: Fri, Nov 30, 2012 5:18 PM PST
Subject: Re: URGENT.


Thank you for your mail, in regards to towards your question, i want to let you know the fact that the deceased customer died in Gassy Accident which is the true and based on your question, according to the Accident it was confirmed that the deceased customer was found died after the Gassy Accident.

In this regards, i want you to understand that there is no way you can go ahead to publish this story because it must to be kept secret to avoid any security problem or me loosing the fund because if other staff here in my bank know about this fund, that is to say there is more secret be-hand the claim.

Meanwhile, i want you to know that we can claim the fund from the bank if only you can understand that reason why i contacted you to stand as the beneficiary to our bank and with all the vital information that is with me here on my desk i assure that you we shall pull this fund from our bank down, to your country if only you will follow my advice as the insider of the bank of Africa.

So therefore, i want you to assist me or your company to assist me in this business preposition and immediately our bank release this fund i will come to your country for investment in of your line of business over there in your country.

I am waiting for your positive respond to enable us proceed.

Mr Ben Kute.

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