Friday, November 30, 2012

We hope your New Year's resolution does not include a pyramid scheme

There is a new Multi level marketing or pyramid scheme on the horizon, following in the footsteps of Bellamora another company that was the focus of posts here on the Bogus Barrister. In the opinions of our contributor network, we think that Seriluna is actually worse than Bellamora as they are urging their "consultants" to sell to their family and friends. Selling to family and friends puts them in PublishAmerica's league. In fact, we are surprised that PA hasn't sent out a promotion selling a license to their authors that would allow them to host PublishAmerica parties. Sends us $399 and we will let you print out our order forms and sell our books like Tupperware. The danger that we foresee here with regard to Seriluna, is that these folks are trying to persuade beauty and fashion bloggers to promote this. Unsuspecting bloggers will no doubt publish information regarding this company which purports to sell spa products and loungewear, without taking a closer look at the structure of this company. Remember that cheating people is never fashionable! In this economy many people may be tempted to buy in (and you MUST buy your own starter kit) In the case of Bellamora, people lost thousands of dollars and the executives just vanished with the money. There are also serious concerns as to what happened to their customer's personal and banking information that also vanished. We at the Bogus Barrister now have Seriluna on our radar and will be looking much further into this. Meanwhile, here is what the company is claiming. "Usually at the end of December, we put together a list of New Year’s resolutions. Unfortunately though, most people have a tendency to fall right back into old habits. This new year, however, Seriluna is determined to help your readers follow through on their New Year’s Resolutions with the launch of its newest spa consultant program. This exciting program allows them to earn extra money by selling natural and organic products to their family and friends from the comfort of their own homes. Seriluna’s spa consultants will: Have the opportunity to join an innovative and new business; Have the flexibility to create their schedules around family and ther obligations; Earn more income as they add more people to their teams; (this is how a pyramid scam operates) Market their businesses with personal websites that Seriluna sets up; (Bellamora also did this) Not have to stock or manage any inventory; (right. because you have to buy it from the person who recruited you) Choose from comprehensive starter kits that allow them to launch their own business within days; (this is where you pay Seriluna to sell their products for them!) Another fact to consider before plunking down cash to start these home businesses is that many munipalities have ordinances against running any type of business from a residential zone. While most cities allow you to run an internet buisness from your home, there are laws against having "foot traffic" going in and out of a residence.

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