Sunday, November 4, 2012

FBI scam from

----Forwarded Message----
Sent: Sun, Nov 4, 2012 6:03 AM CST
Subject: very urgent Firend

Very urgent,

You have to read this message and sent it to all your Friends and family?s We are the FBI here in Africa working with Europe and also working with United States of
America INTERPOL (INTERNATIONAL POLICE FBI) we are here to stop all internet scammers, we what to know if you have lost any money in any internet business,
or you are doing any internet business if yes, you have to stop it all now because it is internet scam, so now you have stop all the business that you are doing with
anybody in the internet, we the FBI are here to help you get all the money you have lost back to you,

But first you have to tell us the FBI how much you have lost paid or sent to them the internet business scammers, and after we get all the money back from them
internet scammers, we the FBI will take 30% of the money will be for the FBI and 70% will be sent back to you in your country so if it is ok for you, Reply back to us
with your mobile telephone number and please let us know they Personal Information and the country of the scammers and all their private phone numbers and their
names which the have submitted or send to you together with the Application Form that you have send to them, we the FBI need all their Information private phone
numbers and the names of the scammers to help us get all the money back to you.


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