Friday, November 23, 2012

Hard times for PublishAmerica the writing is on the wall

Facebook wall that it. In response to Willem Meiners' "CEO" letter it is obvious that Meiners is burdened by self pity. people have taken to the troubled publishers Page to express concern. "okay so by his own admission PublishAmerica's top executive is reduced to selling things at a flea market. His wife who also held a position with the company now pours coffee at Starbucks. Your business listing on citysearch now lists PublishAmerica as "closed." this is all very telling as to the current standing of the company. Very concerning." concerning indeed. Meiners really is learning something new. He says that he is buying at auction and sellling at a flea market. Most people buy cheap at flea markets and sell high at auction. Oh well, he will either figure it out or we will be hearing about his shopping carting adventures rather than his millionaire helicoptering adventures. Maybe Mr. Meiners can set a new world
record for the shortest wait at the welfare office

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