Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Its Ben Kute the fart man again sending from

Ben Kute wrote: Thank you for your mail and i still want you to know that this is very secret transaction that does not need to be publishing. Please, i'm still in the active public service in my Country as such i do not need any form of implications ok, Therefore,you do not have to go about discussing it to every one;relations,friends,and colleagues because i dont want many eyes to be on us finally if my bank release the fund to your bank account. Immediately the fund is approved ,then your local bank will be contacted officially about it,so as not to be unnecessarily implicated out of jealousy thereby endanger my carear as well as my sanity as a man which will be at stake!. So i need your acceptance letter in this transaction so that i can buy and forward to you the text of application form so that you can contact my bank for the release of the fund to your account.I am waiting Mr Ben Kute.

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