Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Publishamerica does not want potential authors to see what's coming

As if further evidenceagainst this sham company is needed I have been asking them to view my manuscript for over 3 weeks. No response from acquisitions. I asked them to add me to their mailing list but they sent me this. Proof that PA has no media contacts or any other general public contacts besides their authors. Beyond them, nobody knows about you or your books. commercial publishers will add anyone to their mailing lists who requests it. That's because they sell to the masses. not to their authors. "PublishAmerica Support wrote: Dear name redacted Thank you for your inquiry. We have notified the Acquisitions Department to get in touch with you concerning your inquiries. Once you are a signed author with PublishAmerica, we will be happy to add you to our email list. > >PublishAmerica Support > > >Follow us on Twitter at @PublishAmerica! >Like us on Facebook:

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