Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Publishamerica selling publishing rights to other publishers

We have a story for you. You know those promotions where publishamerica offers their authors a chance to buy a mention to Random House? The we will show them your books and ask them if they want to take over publishing rights? Well add this price to how much authors are paying to be introduced to real publishers. "Dear name redacted: Our price for transferring rights for one of our books would be $299. We would first offer the author the option to purchase the rights. Thanks, Miranda " PublishAmerica Support wrote: Dear name redacted:Thank you for your inquiry and interest in some of our titles. Please let me know which titles specifically you are interested, and we will be happy to discuss further. " No publisher would pay $299 per title from a publisher like PA that never provided any editing and contracts unknown writers. They made no initial investment in these authors. Like the people who sign with them, they saw this publisher as a mark. Needless
to say the publisher refused publishamerica's "offer."

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