Wednesday, November 21, 2012

PublishAmerica's Miranda Prather insults potential buyer

This is an update on our earlier post re Mirnada Prather's attempt to sell a publisher publishing rights at the price of $299 per title! The publisher responded to make a point that editing these manuscripts and preparing them for re-publication ( which includes editng) is too much of an initial investment on top of the outrageous $299 they are asking. These books need work to make them marketable and saleable to the general public. Perhaps PublishAmerica doesn't care, but a commercial publisher would know that when a book is unedited and sloppy (and does not sell to anyone other than grandma) the fault is with the publisher and not the author. A publisher's goal is to produce a book that will sell to the masses and turn an honest profit. It is common knowledge that PA does not edit their books. This potential buyer of some of PA's titles made that point. These books cannot be re-published as is and Prather's assertion that other publishers have paid this absurd amount for unedited books written by unknown authors. If anyone reading this knows of other publishers that bought rights from PA, let us know. We want specific names so we can verify this claim. This is what Ms. Prather wrote in her response to the publisher's objections: Dear name redacted, Please take better care with your grammar. Separately, yes, publishers do, and have, paid this amount and more. But feel free to make us an offer. How many titles would you be interest in? Where did you get the idea that we do not do editing? Thanks, Miranda.


  1. wow. Yes Miranda Prather sounds like a first class sales person. Overcome your customer's objections with insults! Great. No wonder PA finally crapped out.

  2. As per Miranda Prather'a statement that "publishers do, and have paid this amount or more" no doubt this is true. Sure they have. They just haven't bought anything from PublishAmerica. Perhaps they managed to extort it from angry authors deseperate to get away from this scam company, but I guarantee NO PUBLISHING COMPANY has ever paid them.


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