Thursday, December 6, 2012

How to get your content removed from and your profile deleted from

I see discussion on message boards concerning people who wrote for and stopped writing for them. I stopped writing well over a year ago because they never paid me anything -not a penny- and had been using my articles for over 2 years. Examiners are not employees of the company but yet you cannot simply remove your profile and content. This is what I did. I edited my profile. You now can change your photo so upload one that isn't you. Remove your entire bio and replace it with a complely new one that begins with (name) does not write for anymore and then explain why. Secondly, take a previously published article. Edit it. Take out all of the original text. Replace it with your truthful experience with And republish it. You can even change the title of that article. Submit that Url to for their bots to crawl and index. Within hours staff will finally be motivated to remove you from their
website. This is the only way they will do it.

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