Saturday, December 22, 2012

NIGERIAN SCAMMER William mcgivney Mc giveME sure is desperate for $40

On Sat, Dec 22, 2012 4:04 AM CST William L. McGivney wrote:

>We are instructed to send your fund to you from the financial
>department here in Benin republic by the government of Benin. You will be
>receiving your fund $5,000.00 per day starting from today and you will receive
>the total sum of us$3.500.000.00 through our office western union
>I want to use this opportunity to inform you that government
>is planning to cancel your funds and transfer it into Benin government
>transparency accounts due to the fact that you have failed to contact us with
>our request and claim your fund without any hitch or delay.
>You are
>require to send the sum of $40 been full payment transfer activation fee, to
>enable us reconfirm your payment file from federal ministry of finance Benin and
>you will be able to receive your fund without any hitch we are not liberty to
>deduct the fund since your fund is in escrow suspend account, meanwhile send the
>$40 to us immediately so that you can be able to pick up your first payment
>freely from any of our correspondent western union office.
>The money
>have been transferred correctly to you payment information?s you need to pick up
>your money in any western union around you correctly but you can not be able to
>pick the fund until your payment file is been reconfirmed by the government of
>Benin after you have paid the required $40.
>Why we need you to send us
>the $40 is that we tried to deduct the fee out from your fund but the minister
>administrator trust fund of Benin republic told us that no one has right over
>your fund as it have been signed and stamped that no money should be deducted
>until it gets to your hands for security purpose.
>Confirm of your funds
>is transferred enter our website
>and click tracking and it will show you that your funds is available for you to
>pick it up.
>Payment information of your first payment
>Sender?s Name: Homer Pies
>Amount: $5,000.00
>Answer: We B
>Finally urgent in sending us the $40usd to enable us
>proceed on reconfirm your payment file from the office in charge .send the fee
>directly with name as outline below via western union to enable us pick it from
>our department here and reconfirm your payment file approval from the federal
>ministry of finance and commerce your daily payment immediately.
>is the payment information.
>Receiver Name: Azikiwe Emmanuel
>Benin Republic
>City: Cotonou
>Text Question: When
>Amount: US$40
>I am waiting to receive the $40 western union
>payment information on your next urgent respond such as.
>Your urgent respond is highly
>needed .waiting to hear from you as soon as you receive this message to quicken
>the process. Contact our payment centre with your information and the requested
>Yours in services
>Mr. William L.

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