Tuesday, December 18, 2012

The known facts about the Sandy Hook school shooting

As an avid reader of this blog I would like to throw my two cents into the ring. I have been folloing the story about the mass murder ofthese innocent children in Connecticut. The "facts" as being reported in the media dont jive. I call bullshit. The family of Nancy and Adam Lanza assert that Adam was never a student there. The school district says he was. At first it was reported that Nancy was a teacher at Sandy Hook but then a spokespersonfor the district said she never worked at the school or within the district adding " the teachers don't know her." you would think the teachers would have known her if Adam was a former student. As troubled as he was according to these reports and his behavior so bad that he eventually was homeschooled. Surely he was no stranger to the principal's office. Nancy would indeed have been well known by these teachers. This is all a load of BS. So who the hell were these people, really?

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