Thursday, December 20, 2012

Was Adam Lanza a patsy?

It is the opinion of the contributors to this crime blog that something is very wrong about the official story to date regarding the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary in Newtown. we do not believe that Adam Lanza acted alone. Offcials say that Lanza killed himself after these mass murders. When the police showed up one of the officers saw a gunman who fired random shots and ended his own life. Lanza was found dead with the Glock and the Sig Sauer beside him. The ,223 assault rifle was recovered by police in Lanza's car. He could not have fired off all of these rounds with the two weapons on his person. It has been reported that the victims and Lanza had been shot multiple times with an assault rifle. He could not use what was locked in the car. None of us here are buying the shit sandwich the media has been serving up.

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