Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Publishamerica: laughs are free but nothing else is

The jokers at PA are back! They won't establish a legitimate Facebook page. Nobody there is named Amelia. Author David Beckman posted on the fake Amelia Publishamerica's profile yesterday:" I sent you two different comments regarding my children's about a little something about my book?" Nope. Pay up first David. Any other publisher would love to tell the world about their books that they proudly publish. But alas, those are real commercial publishers. PA responded with "these books you see on our Facebook page our [sic] optional marketing opportunities that these authors have chosen to participate in...I can have a member of our special service team contact you to place your order." his own publisher would not mention him on a their bogus FB page without payment. David thought this sounded great. WTF. To their credit things have been kinda boring without the antics of PA to laugh about. A good laugh. That's all you will ever get for free from
PUblishamerica! So take advantage and do it often.

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