Saturday, January 19, 2013

Stephen Glen scammer

On Fri, Jan 18, 2013 10:27 AM CST Glen Stephen wrote:

>I'm Stephen Glen. Ref' regarding a deceased client with similar last name and an investment placed under our bank management. I respectfully request that you keep the contents of this mail confidential and respect the integrity of the information. I contacted you independently; so no one is informed of this communication.
>In 2000, the subject matter, an investor came to our bank to engage in business discussions with our private banking division. He informed us that he had a financial portfolio he wants us to invest on his behalf. Based on my advice, we spun the money around various opportunities and made attractive margins for our first months of operation. In mid 2002, he instructed that the principal sum be liquidated because he needed to make an urgent investment requiring cash payments. We got in touch with a specialist bank; agreement was reached to receive this money for a fee and make cash available. However the bank got in touch with us last year that this money has not been claimed.
>On further inquiries, we found out that the investor was involved in an accident, and he died. What I propose is that since I have exclusive access to his file, you will be made beneficiary of these funds, and the present bank involved will contact you informing you that money has been willed to you.
>On verification, which will be the details I make available and present bank involved; will be instructed to make payments to you after all the necessary verification and application is done. It's not compulsory you know the investor; I know this might be a bit heavy for you. For all your troubles I propose that we split the money in half. In the banking circle this happens every time. The other option is that the money will revert back to the state (Treasury).
>This is a lifetime opportunity for us. I hold the KEY to these funds, and as a banker, we see funds being re-assigned daily. I would want us to keep communication for now strictly by the email; success / riches never come easy non on a platter of gold. Do not betray my confidence; we should act swiftly on this. Please get back to me immediately via this email;
>I await your response.
>Stephen Glen

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