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On Wed, Feb 27, 2013 8:37 AM PST Paulina Wilson wrote:

>Dearest one.
>Thanks for the time you spend in replying my
>previous mail, I have Lot's of excitement, because since when I read
>your profile my heart has been over occupied with thoughts and fear if
>my situation will touch your heart to come for my rescue without any bad
> intention to betray me at last. My dear I am very happy now to open up
> more about me and more about this money to you because I feel very
>relax now after reading your lat mail showing your interest to help me
>without any bad intention, My God Almighty will surely bless you for me
>and I promise to be loyal and allow you to direct me after this
>transfer. Things is very difficult for me here in the Refugee camp,
>there is no good health care and there is no good medical treatment here
> and people die like animals here because of lack of medical
> care, so I need you to do everything possible to finish up with this
>transaction with my late father?s bank to enable you bring me over to
>your country for a new life with you.
>I am using the
>Reverend father computer to check your mails, although I have explain my
> life situation to him but I never tell him about this transaction
>because I keep it secret until we secure the money in your account.
>Before I will cheek my mail in the office of the Reverend priest here I
>have to walk for like 10 Minutes from where I am living at the female
>hostel to the office of the Reverend Pastor. I want you to assure me
>that my personality protection is guaranteed within and at the
>conclusion of this transaction. It is compulsory that I have to do this
>business with a foreigner as it is stated in my late father?s WILL.
> wish to state my sincerity and complete trust in you and hope that you
>will not disappoint or try to double cross
> me. Upon re-confirmation of your next email with your full support of
>assisting me, I shall instantly forward to you the contact of the Bank
>which you have to contact them as my next of kin of this project. I want
> you to send to me the requirement as listed below to help me use them
>to introduce you as my business partner and also my late father?s
>business associate whom I will like the inherited money released to your
> account.
>These are the items you have to send to me immediately:
>1: Full names,
>2: Residential Address,
>3: Private Phone Number,
>4: International Passport,
>5: Your photo,
>6: Name of Your Country,
>7. Your occupation
> need the above information's from you, so that I can pass it to the
>Bank to introduce you to them as my next of kin before you can contact
>them. My Dear, the most important thing I will like you to do for me is
>to keep this transaction
> secret for security reason until when this money is released to your
>account because we don?t trust any friend in terms of money. I will like
> you to promise me that you will not discuss this matter with any one
>only me and you and God that will know about this matter. Remember that
>people are very bad they may try to double Cross you if you let anyone
>know about this money.
>Immediately I received your
>information?s, I will instantly forward you the contact of my late
>father?s Bank and their location address, email and their fax number ,
> phone number and the name of the bank Director whom you can write to
>confirm this transaction with them. I will prepare a drafted mail which
> you can send to the bank as the appointed beneficiary of the deposited
>fund $6.700.000 deposited by my late father Mr. Wilson Abumaiga.
>Remember that I lost my International passport in my country during the
>time I was escaping from those
> killers and I will get a new passport when the transfer is
>successfully done.
>After this money is transfer to your bank
>account , you will help me withdraw some money from the account where
>the money will be deposited , then you will help me send some money
>through the Reverend Pastor account or through western union, in order
>for me to use it and get all my traveling documents, You will also send a
> letter of invitation to me so that they will give me a VISA urgently to
> travel and join you over, to enable me and my little continue my
>education and for the capital investment.
>Dear Love I am for
> real and honest, please let us have mutual understating and let trust,
>truthfulness, God fearing and trustworthy be our watch worlds. I have to
> be sincere to you that this transaction is 100 % risk free and you have
> nothing to doubt or fear of, if only you will remain honest and sincere
> with me God will lead us and
> bring us together soonest. You can call me through the Reverend father
> telephone number +22899280816 or 0022899280816, his name is Reverend
>father Mark Anthony and tell him that you need to speak with me (Miss.
>Paulina Wilson) who is seeking asylum in the refugee camp at female
>hostel room number 74.
>I await your soonest response. I am sincerely and honest, please forward your details to enable me know you more:
>Yours beloved one
>Miss. Paulina Wilson.

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