Saturday, February 23, 2013

Miranda Prather, Executive Director of PublishAmerica won't let her company publish her book!

We have some interesting blog posts from the Executive Director of PublishAmerica, Miranda Prather. Miranda has written a children's book about her beloved horse Blue who has since passed away.
Some have asked her about the availability of her book. Now, you would think that an "Executive Director" of a publishing company would have their foot in the door to publish her own book. Wouldn't you? Miranda's comments suggest that she does not want to sign a contract with the very company she operates. Why???  This people is quite telling about the company if it's officers do not consider PublisHAmerica the "right publisher" for their own books. Why does she think PA is not "right?" They publish all genres. My guess is, Miranda knows better than anybody that the general public will never know it exists and looking at her Facebook posts, she would need an editor who knows proper grammar and usage. PA won't provide that.  This is some endorsement!      

"... gotta find the right publisher for it." 
Welcome again to all of the new friends to Blue's page. I had finished the final page of Blue's kid's book just a few days before he passed. That is my next step from here. I am going to be working, very, very hard to seeing that it gets published. I have another 2-3 books that could go in a series and perhaps a book on his life for adults, too. He was too special to ever be forgotten and I am convincend his story can help others.
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