Sunday, February 24, 2013

YUE YAN (DENISE) FORT LAUDERDALE craigslist pet scammer

Notorious Fort Lauderdale con artist Yue Yan has been removed from perpetrating further fraud on the Internet. Last week her Craigslist account was closed as she was reported several times by her victims. This was confirmed by a representative from CL. in addition to scamming people with various real estate rentals, Yan was defrauding pet owners by claiming that she would provide their pets with a loving home. Yan tricked them and was caught selling the animals online. Her accomplice is a man named Steven who uses the email address steve.com44@gmail. Yan was charged with animal abuse a couple of years ago and cannot legally keep animals. We have just been informed that her email account was shut down for the same reasons. If you know hotmail, it takes many well founded complaints for them to take action.

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