Sunday, February 24, 2013

PublishAmerica pay us to promote you at Orlando Book Festival

PublishAmerica Special Services Team wrote: Dear author: >PublishAmerica will be at the Orlando Book Festival hosted by the University of Central Florida. We'll be a vendor, we'll promote our authors, and we'll host book >signings for authors. Last year's big event drew Barnes and Noble and Scholastic Book Clubs >as sponsors. Barnes and Noble is back this April, as are many other big names. The UCF Book Festival in Orlando always draws a big crowd! Bestseller: go to to activate for $49. We'll print your book, put it on a plane, fly >it to Orlando, and display it prominently at the Festival, for >everyone to admire and leaf through. And for the experts to review >and consider! Front row: Secure front row presentation of your book here:

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